About TVB

TVB is the not-for-profit trade association representing America’s local broadcast television industry, including linear and digital platforms. Its members include the U.S. television stations, television broadcast groups, advertising sales reps, syndicators, international broadcasters and associate members. TVB actively promotes local media marketing solutions to the advertising community and works to develop advertising dollars for the medium’s multiple platforms, including on-air, online and mobile. TVB provides a diverse variety of tools and resources, including its website, to support its members and to help advertisers make the best use of local ad dollars.

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TVB Staff

Steve Lanzano

President & CEO

Abby Auerbach

EVP, Chief Communications Officer

Chris Carr

SVP, Chief Financial Officer

Hadassa Gerber

EVP, Chief Research Officer

Brad Seitter

EVP, Local & Nat'l Business Development

Brian Allers, SVP, Business Development

Monica Buccini, Advocacy Associate

Corey Buford,  Manager, Partnerships and Advocacy 

Melissa Buriak, Manager, Advocacy & Events

David Carrington, Research Analyst

Anne Conway, VP, Web Systems

Fatim Diallo, Database Administrator

Arleen Fong, VP, Accounting

Diane Hayes, Executive Sales Training Consultant

Andrew Karamouzis, VP, Marketing Research Director

Mildred Nuñez, Research Analyst

Andrea Palesh, Director, Events & Advocacy

Brandon Reda, Production Associate

Ron Salmon, VP, Marketing Research Director

Anthony Spirito, VP, Marketing Research Director

Steve Sturm, Executive Automotive Consultant

Claire Walter, SVP, Creative & Production

Brian Wexler, SVP, Business Development