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Feature Commentary | Madhive: Moving Forward from the Current TV Measurement Culture Clash

Measurement and currency are some of the hottest terms in TV right now as the tug-of-war battle between panels and ACR continues to take center stage. (ACR is a technology built into smart TVs that is used to identify and verify what is actually playing on the device). But in the year ahead, it’s not about crowning a winner, it’s about leveraging them together

Media companies, agencies and measurement providers have made major progress toward the multi-currency future, but inputting new data into systems is slower business.
Three of the “Big Four” TV affiliates, plus the PBS Member station, serving Iowa’s capital city are now offering ATSC 3.0-powered NEXTGEN TV broadcasts to locals.
It will offer season previews for the Los Angeles Dodgers, San Diego Padres and San Francisco Giants, including news, analysis, reporting and interviews.
The advanced digital broadcasting services on ATSC 3.0 will help keep local broadcasting strong, while providing new, high value services to people, businesses, and public agencies — without any compromises to TV service.

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