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Feature Commentary | Madhive: Moving Forward from the Current TV Measurement Culture Clash

Measurement and currency are some of the hottest terms in TV right now as the tug-of-war battle between panels and ACR continues to take center stage. (ACR is a technology built into smart TVs that is used to identify and verify what is actually playing on the device). But in the year ahead, it’s not about crowning a winner, it’s about leveraging them together

TV broadcasters finally agreed on a bare minimum for what currencies need to have in order to be called a currency. Days later, YouTube took its own stab at measurement standards, and traditional networks didn’t hesitate to voice their disapproval.
John Hane, president and CEO of BitPath, shares an update on how far along the ATSC 3.0 consortium is toward building a national network that will support leasing data services and get cash registers finally ringing for broadcasters.
The final count is in, and ad spending for the U.S. 2022 elections came in 7.5% lower than originally forecast, according to final estimates from competitive ad intelligence firm AdImpact.
Corporate America started the year slightly more optimistic about the economy, and had plans to hire and spend at rates that would keep growth humming, according to a survey by the Business Roundtable (BRT).

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