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Feature Commentary: What Advertisers Really Need to Know About SVOD Viewership

Data available to advertisers for both subscription-based and free services lack key information. Industry measurement giant Nielsen provides The Gauge report on total viewing, but it doesn’t include crucial info about how many viewers can see ads – an essential piece of information needed by marketers to make informed advertising decisions.

The DVR specification is designed to work in concert with A3SA’s earlier established Broadcaster Encoding Rules, which govern how broadcasters can use the A3SA security technology with ATSC 3.0 content that is simulcast with corresponding ATSC 1.0 content, allowing viewers to decode and record broadcasts, make unlimited copies without expiration dates, and use common features like pause, rewind and fast-forward. The A3SA Encoding Rules also prevent downgrading of picture quality when connecting to legacy television sets.
Carmona, an award-winning professional with more than 15 years of experience in local media, has been an integral part of Telemundo Las Vegas since 2016. In her new capacity, she will oversee the station’s news content and operations, guiding the cross-platform news team to deliver the most relevant local coverage to the community.
In releasing the Broadcaster’s Policy Agenda, the NAB also highlighted the importance of the industry. It noted that 97% of all Americans watched or listened to a broadcast TV or radio station, that 2.52 million jobs were created by the broadcast industry, and that 63.4 million Americans access broadcast TV via an antenna.
Starting on May 15, the Atlanta Dream‘s non-national exclusive games will air locally on WPCH-17 “Peachtree TV” and across the region on the network. “We are thrilled to partner with Gray Television to get the Atlanta Dream into even more households across our state and the Southeast region,” Dream President and Chief Operating Officer Morgan Shaw Parker said. “We believe that 2024 is going to be the most exciting season yet for the Dream. The atmosphere inside our arena is the best in the WNBA, and we are excited to have a television partner who can help us bring that experience to an even bigger audience.”

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