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According to CivicScience, broadcast networks and local TV news are most trusted – 24% and 22% respectively. Trust in local TV news remains strong and surpasses trust in cable network news and national newspapers.
Regardless of what identity-scape settles in with new parameters in place, marketers that capitalize on the opportunity to leverage publishers’ first-party contextual data and target consumers based on their interests in a given moment, rather than using a cobbled-together user profile, will reap the benefits of more precise, relevant, and higher-performing ad experiences.
Major League Baseball’s 2021 postseason has scored well to date, in terms of overall average viewers per game -- up 1% this year versus 2019.
Although traditional pay TV systems have been severely impacted by cord-cutting, legacy cable, satellite, telco and virtual services still command 71% of TV households, according to new research from Leichtman Research Group.

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