SkillUp: Strategies for Work/Life Balance

SkillUp: Strategies for Work/Life Balance

Presented: May 23, 2023 | Recording duration: 00:45:20

Moderator: Sarah Syversen, LCPC, Career Counselor and Assistant Professor of Instruction
Melissa Sheehan, Chief Revenue Officer, AdCellerant
Michelle Woods, Director of Sales, KIRO-TV, Cox Media Group

The NEXT Women new skill building session focuses on managing work/life balance. Sarah Syversen, licensed career counselor and professor, leads a discussion with two women executives at different life stages about building their careers while simultaneously managing responsibilities at home for family, friends, personal interests and more.

Whether you’re new in your career or in a leadership position, this session will address the various life roles and responsibilities that can invigorate but also lead to burnout. Sarah will provide strategies for evaluating and addressing your priorities to help you optimize your time.

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