The Automated Local TV Marketplace VOD

The Automated Local TV Marketplace VOD

What’s new for buyers and sellers

Presented: January 18, 2023 | Recording duration: 00:30:02

Host: Abby Auerbach, EVP, Chief Communications Officer, TVB
Moderator: Fred Lee, VP of Sales, Marketplaces, WideOrbit
Broadcast Guest: Garrett Pope, VP, Traffic and Sales Systems, Gray Television

WideOrbit’s Fred Lee leads a discussion about the growing demand for omnichannel campaigns and the need for automated marketplaces that:

  • Provide brands and agencies with simplified access to local broadcast TV inventory
  • Facilitate performance-based buying across platforms
  • Make it easy to broaden audience reach for increased brand awareness

Marketplace benefits for broadcasters include:

  • Access new demand from buyers who don’t typically buy TV via traditional sales processes
  • Full visibility into offers, including client and rate
  • Full control to accept/reject offers based on their own criteria

In this webinar, WideOrbit discusses the benefits of automating the buying and selling process for local broadcast TV advertising, including technical capabilities that eliminate inefficient, manual steps from the process, resulting in an end-to-end direct connection between buyers and sellers.

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