2020 Elections

A ‘Deeper-Dive’ into How Voters Voted, and What Influenced Their Votes

We revisited the Voter Funnel Study from 2020 to take a closer look at how media influenced early and Election Day voters, and the ways they voted:

  • In person before election day
  • In person on election day
  • By mail
  • Used drop off box/location

We looked at the different voting methods by a variety of demographics, including by party (Democrats, Republicans and Independents), age (adults 18-34 and adults 35+), sex (male and female) and ethnicity (African-Americans and Hispanics), and while it varies with each, television proved to still be the most powerful medium for the “awareness” and “voting” phases of the voting funnel.

Source: Dynata / TVB 2020 voter Funnel; A18+