HUT/PUT National Prime Trends

HUT/PUT National Prime Trends

NTI Primetime HUT/PUT Tables by Month

HUTs and PUTs tend to follow similar patterns year after year, with some variations for Olympics months. During the year, there is some variation by month with higher levels in the colder months and lower levels in warmer months.

Unlike 2020 when there was a spike in viewing levels that could be attributed to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, 2021 saw no such increase.  We are continuing to see month-to-month erosion in primetime viewing levels across the demo spectrum.   

Major trend points for 2021:

  • While key demos continued to see viewing level declines, the adults 55+ segment was the most resilient.  For the year, A55+ averaged a 43.6% PUT which only declined -8% compared with 2020.  PUTs were also highest in this segment compared with HHs and other demo categories.
  • Adults 18-34 saw the biggest year over year decline, -22% versus 2020.