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Feature Commentary: What Advertisers Really Need to Know About SVOD Viewership

Data available to advertisers for both subscription-based and free services lack key information. Industry measurement giant Nielsen provides The Gauge report on total viewing, but it doesn’t include crucial info about how many viewers can see ads – an essential piece of information needed by marketers to make informed advertising decisions.

Advertisers can optimize digital ads alongside linear campaigns in flight. “Comscore has delivered a true cross-platform solution that measures audiences at the hyper-local level, enabling our clients to advertise nationally and optimize locally," Comscore chief commercial officer Steve Bagdasarian said.
Record expenditures expected in the fight for control of the White House and Congress. One of Ambassador Haley’s SuperPACs, the SFA Fund, leads all Republican presidential advertisers in mid-February and has so far laid out more than $50 million across CTV, broadcast TV, cable/satellite TV, radio, Facebook and Google. President Trump’s primary SuperPAC, Make America Great Again, has spent about $40 million. All that SuperPAC spending at open rates makes local cable, radio and TV owners happy.
Ad Fontes Media, which rates news for bias and reliability, has integrated its rating data with The Trade Desk’s programmatic buying technology. The arrangement allows advertisers to direct their ad spend dollars toward worthy journalistic sites, while screening out partisan, AI and clickbait websites, the firms say.
Introducing Coyotes Central, a creation of streaming company Kiswe and the division of The E.W. Scripps Co. led by Brian Lawlor. The partnership “heralds a new era” for the Arizona Coyotes, as it brings all locally broadcast games of the team “directly to fans across Arizona.”

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