NAB: We Are Broadcasters
NAB launched new :30 ‘We Are Broadcasters’ spots to educate legislators about the many ways their constituents rely on local broadcasters, particularly focusing on trusted local journalism. Now, more than ever, America’s broadcasters are providing critical information to communities – delivering trusted news, weather and emergency updates and entertainment that connect and inspire.

Ad Council & COVID Collaborative: Vaccine Education PSA Initiative
This massive communications effort aims to educate the American public and build confidence around the COVID vaccines. The initiative is designed to reach different audiences, including communities of color who have been disproportionately affected by COVID and priority vaccine hesitant audiences with timely messages, including Parents, Young Adults (16-34), Black and Hispanic audiences.

The newly added material speaks to those still hesitant about vaccination across rural communities. The PSAs feature the unique perspectives, experiences, and stories of rural communities and represent the rich diversity of our nation. They show the first hand impact of the pandemic and vaccines and highlight personal experiences from a wide variety of individuals and families.

Ad Council: Love Has No Labels PSAs
The Ad Council’s Love Has No Labels campaign was created to ultimately reduce bias and promote inclusion.