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Industry News

Industry News
The Detroit-area tech outfit has expanded its portfolio of captioning and translation products by acquiring two offerings from Vox Frontera. It’s a move designed to bring Spanish-language translation opportunities to the ever-growing U.S. Hispanic market.
The truth is that business owners don’t really care about your station ratings, upcoming initiatives or even your digital offerings. Leading with all the tools in your toolbox is like a giving a medical prescription without a diagnosis.
He’s tapped to succeed current CEO and executive vice chairman Bill Livek who is retiring.
CTV lends itself to delivering more relevant ads increasing consumers' knowledge about certain health conditions. It serves as a stronger impetus for patients to consult with doctors about what they're experiencing.
Three more entities applied for sports betting licenses in Ohio over the past week. That includes the first company seeking to install kiosks in bars and other by-the-drink liquor establishments across the state.
The midterm campaigns for the House and the Senate are shaping up quite differently.
Auto plants in Europe and North America auto plants just cut another 104,000 vehicles out of their production plans because of chip shortages.Auto plants in Europe and North America auto plants just cut another 104,000 vehicles out of their production plans because of chip shortages.
GM outsold Toyota by more than 47,000 vehicles in the second quarter. The fluid, unpredictable nature of the global microchip shortage and other supply chain disruptions continue to put all automakers on edge.
June marked 12th consecutive month of year over year declines for an auto industry scrambling to secure microchips to rebuild inventories amid strong pent-up demand and a backlog of orders.
Hyundai is trimming its car lineup to focus on crossovers and its budding battery-electric Ioniq subbrand.
As more sports viewing shifts to streaming, NBCUniversal continues to reevaluate its strategies for distributing its sports coverage and has confirmed that it plans to shut down the Olympic Channel in September.
TVB President and CEO Steve Lanzano notes that political spending is going to likely be 30% higher than the 2018 midterms. And primaries through May have exceeded 2018. “Fundraising has doubled since 2018. It’s going to be a good year for political spending on TV. Forecasts believe spending will exceed $4 billion, a 30% hike over the $3.1B spent four years ago.”
NBCUniversal's total digital and streaming sales were up 20% from last year.
Scripps moves him from senior director of news at its WXYZ-WMYD Detroit to oversee its Nevada ABC affiliate.
NBCUniversal said it wrapped its negotiations in the annual upfront, and could see advance advertising commitments for NBC’s primetime schedule rise by as much as 20%.
Now, a Nashville-based provider of mobile production and audio facilities, along with production and secondary services for broadcast television, has brought its Virtual Press Room into its “second generation.”
If the June forecast holds firm, volume will rise in Q2 from Q1, but the quarter will end at a 13.5-million-unit annualized rate, a drop from January-March’s 14.1 million, meaning second-half deliveries will have to run near a 16 million-unit SAAR for the entire year to match 2021’s sales of 14.9 million.
High-end furniture chain RH on Wednesday slashed its outlook for 2022 revenue, anticipating consumer demand for its products will continue to soften in the back half of the year.
Yield, relevance and reach will be the drivers of CTV ads’ future, not real-time open auctions and bid coverage.
Pandemic related disruptions have driven initial vehicle quality to the lowest point J.D. Power has recorded in 36 years.
Civic Science says among all consumers who have cut the cord, the price of cable services is the primary reason, especially among 35–54-yearolds, while the preference for streaming content comes in second.
Upswings and downswings in the national and local TV advertising market have been semi-regular events -- just the broader economic recessions.
Advertiser Perceptions, Hub Research find 54% of advertisers will increase CTV spending over the next 12 months.
Nielsen and agencies have cited lack of Mediaocean integration as barrier for new currencies, but VideoAmp and Comscore now have cleared it, and could be next.
Brad Moses is heading back to WTVG-13 in Toledo.
An effort to bring more diversity and inclusion to the broadcast television industry by attracting students from historically Black institutions of higher learning across Mississippi has taken its first step forward.
Nation's 25 largest advertisers based on total U.S. ad spending.
When the $5.4 billion buyout of Tegna is OK’d, Standard General, with Soo Kim and Deb McDermott in charge, will be a new major force, second only to Nexstar on the TVNewsCheck-BIA Advisory Services annual list of the television station groups ranked by total revenue.
No one is truly immune to a downturn. But ultimately, some companies can operate outside the eye of an economic storm. Automotive as an advertising category isn’t in that group.
Summer vacation season is just getting started, but retailers are already gearing up for the holidays.
Last year’s 19.7% increase in total ad and marketing spend from the top 200 advertisers – 166 of which increased ad spending in 2021, for a record $196 billion – may not be matched this year, but continued double-digit growth is predicted by both Group M and Publicis Groupe's Zenith, at 12% and 11.6% respectively.
The agency is also considering new rules on dealerships' advertising related to the cost of the vehicle itself.
It's the second time this year Cox has lowered its sales forecast as the industry continues to struggle with a global microchip shortage that has upended supply chains and sapped dealer inventory.
Diverse audiences are a key driver behind the growth of over-the-top (OTT) streaming television and media in the U.S.
The two biggest cities in Northwest Louisiana, separated by the Red River, have become the latest to gain access to ATSC 3.0-delivered NEXTGEN TV signals.
Perhaps looking to expand its streaming influence around many parts of the TV advertising industry, Roku will for the first time carry live, local TV stations' news content in a deal with NBCUniversal.
Live and local content are front and center of many strategic OTT decisions being made by media companies today, and new technologies are enabling their delivery at scale.
Revealing just how much demand there is for discounted tiers of popular SVOD services, 28% of subscribers say they pay for the $9.99 HBO Max plan.
National advertising spending on linear TV rose almost 1% in May, according to Standard Media Index.
Retail and e-commerce analyst Claire Tassin explores parents’ worries about affording back-to-school purchases.
CarMax Inc., like other major players in the automotive retail world, finds itself trying to maneuver through a year hampered by sunken buyer confidence.
Measured-media spending by medium, category and advertiser.
TelevisaUnivision has wrapped up its upfront deals with its biggest volume increase in seven years, according to a source familiar with the situation.
In addition to giving viewers a reason to explore the depths of the library, the linear channels give them 'permission' to watch shows other than high-profile originals, which will also help them to justify the cost of the service.
Bidding quietly concluded in the Federal Communications Commission’s auction of construction permits for full-power television stations.
The retail industry is up against a potential wave of bankruptcies following a months-long slowdown in restructuring activity.
Just about all digital marketing channels are less effective than they were a year ago, largely because of privacy regulations, judging by the State of B2C Conversational Marketing, a study released Thursday by Spectrm.
Dr. Mark Fratrik, BIA Advisory Services’ longtime SVP and chief economist, is retiring at the end of June. He talks with TVNewsCheck’s Michael Depp about retrans’ slowdown, OTT’s rise and the need for broadcasters to keep their eyes on competitors coming from all directions.
At the Promax Station Summit in Las Vegas last week, one session, Zero Budget Magic, Doing More With Nothing, showcased promos done by local TV stations with a lot of imagination and practically no budget.
NBCUniversal’s ambitions to reinvent measurement have now extended to embrace emotion and ad quality, but can some factors be too abstract to quantify?
NBCUniversal announced a certification for emotion and ad quality as a new category within its audience measurement framework. It’s part of a push to help marketers better understand how the emotion element and creative impacts outcomes for marketers.
Madison Avenue’s growing interest in sports and streaming video helped Fox Corp. nab new ad dollars amid a softening market.
For marketers, the idea of looking at consumers as four smaller groups rather than one big one may make their job somewhat easier.
The media agency announced it will test Comscore’s local TV measurement for the 2023 media buying and planning period.
The FCC released the data as it asked for public comments on the NextGen TV transition and sunsetting of two 3.0 rules.
The broadcast and digital exec will lead sales efforts at American Spirit Media’s Fox affiliate in Wilmington, N.C.
The early optimism surrounding regulated online sports betting passing in North Carolina came to a close as lawmakers rejected one sports betting bill.
The media agency announced it will test Comscore’s local TV measurement for the 2023 media buying and planning period.
CMG adds Telemundo affiliates in Jacksonville, Fla., and Seattle and also renews its contract with the Hispanic network in Charlotte, N.C.
The FCC is gearing up to find another way to determine a TV station's local market for must-carry and other purposes.
Why we need to acknowledge that not all impressions are created equal.
Vehicle buyers are likely to feel the Federal Reserve's 0.75-point interest rate increase, analysts from Cox, Moody's and Edmunds agreed.
Supply-chain disruptions remain a major roadblock, and are hurting some automakers more than others, but growth in production is resuming, meaning new-vehicle inventory should start showing signs of improvement in North America.
The House Judiciary Committee in North Carolina advanced two bills that would allow for regulated online sports betting in the Tar Heel State. Both bills were voted on together and passed with a vote of 6 yays, 3 nays, and one no contest.
Station chiefs speak of a diverse marketplace, one where the weather is dandy for most of the year. There’s big-time sports, including the NBA’s Heat, Major League Baseball’s Marlins, the NHL’s Florida Panthers and the NFL’s Dolphins, scenic views in most every direction and a lively local news scene in two languages to keep viewers up to date.
When the results of a pilot study were recently revealed, showing how iSpot data can be accurately used as currency for over-the-top campaigns, Abcarian was front and center, along with NBCU's Laura Molen, President, Ad Sales & Partnerships, and Sean Muller, CEO iSpot.
Live events viewers have shown they want fast access to highlights and clips on multiple platforms. Broadcasters need to be able to meet that demand.
U.S. households with ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) streaming services are not only growing at a faster rate than those with subscription-based video-on-demand services (SVODs); they’ve essentially caught up to SVODs, Comscore’s State of Streaming analysis confirms.
FreeWheel, Comcast’s ad tech company, said it is launching an audience identity initiative aimed at connecting first-party and third-party IDs in order to optimize reach and frequency for television advertising.
Local advertisers have historically faced measurement challenges, especially in smaller markets where the data was often unstable and volatile.
Campaign ad spending for just the five top races in the U.S. midterm elections has surged past half a billion dollars, according to the latest Ad Age Campaign Ad Scorecard analysis.
Acquisition of some 40 LPTVs allows Gray to bring Telemundo to 34 new markets, as well as gain spectrum and broadcast strength.
The former Warner Media ad sales executive will focus on advertising sales and brand sponsorships for all of AMG’s Entertainment Studios television series programming and content.
The media, advertising and marketing executive will oversee operations at the Scripps CBS affiliates in Bozeman-Butte, Mont., beginning next month.
Toyota is rolling out several new vehicles including a refreshed 2023 Toyota Sequoia SUV and a 2023 Toyota Corolla with four new hybrid models.
Giants like DraftKings Inc. and FanDuel, a division of Irish bookmaker Flutter Entertainment Plc, are asking legislators to change the rules to lower their taxes after agreeing to them just last year.
Paramount Global finished its upfront deal-making for the 2022-2023 TV season much like other networks, posting high single-digit percentage cost-per-thousand gains, according to company executives.
The 2022 midterm political season will generate $8.4 billion in local ad dollars, according to BIA Advisory Services’ updated political ad forecast.
After 22 years as its executive director, the board of the Media Rating Council last week renewed George Ivie’s contact for another five years, even as it embarks on some potentially consequential new areas of auditing and standards-setting.
The average new vehicle now costs nearly what a typical American — or even an entire household — makes in a year, but nobody seems all that concerned.
TelevisaUnivision is getting more entrenched in TV’s measurement wars.
Social media experts say LinkedIn offers numerous advantages for TV newsrooms to seed their content including strong reach and relevancy for a desired audience of adult professionals and an early mover advantage.
The station’s new owner — Gray Television — has purchased a vacant building along 1-270 between Lambert International Airport and the upscale suburb of Creve Coeur, Mo.
Broadcasters and cable operators continue to spar over how much flexibility TV stations should have in transmitting their signals in the transition to the new ATSC 3.0 standard, specifically broadcasters' ability to have another station transmit its digital subchannels.
Advertisers often feel torn between the two channels.They wonder which will give them the best ROI. But rather than choosing one or the other, an increasing number of brands are adopting a TV 360 approach.
Sell-side advertising platform Magnite said it has certified Comscore, iSpot.TV, Innovid and VideoAmp along with Nielsen as measurement systems that can be used as currency for programmatic buying of connected TV advertising inventory.
FuboTV said this weekend it will launch free pick’em games that will be integrated into its live TV stream and that viewers who choose to will also be able to turn their picks into real money bets via the Fubo Sportsbook.
Consumers, their purchases and brands, live locally, as does all great advertising.
Despite Microsoft’s decision to curtail TV ad spend, other major brands aren’t expected to follow suit.
Political, online gambling and leisure sectors showing growth in local advertising; auto down from earlier estimate but showing tempered growth compared to 2021.
Nexstar executives told the Credit Suisse virtual conference that it has yet to see even modest recovery from the auto sector, though it’s still finding other categories to plug the hole.
The Media Rating Council, which audits and evaluates measurement companies, said its CEO and executives directors George Ivie has agreed to a new five-year contract extension that will keep him in his job through 2027.
MadHive, the enterprise software company that powers modern media, and Katz Media Group, the largest media representation company in America, today announced a partnership to bring scale, transparency, and privacy compliance to connected TV (CTV) for political advertisers.
Connected TV advertising platform Innovid launched today a cross-platform audience measurement solution known as InnovidXP.
Despite weakness in the current scatter market, NBCUniversal is pretty much finished with its upfront ad-market deals, with total volume near that of a year ago, according to Jeff Shell, chief executive officer of NBCUniversal.
Nielsen One Alpha -- the initial version of the forthcoming cross-platform measurement platform Nielsen One -- will show advanced audience and business outcomes results for “end to end” ad-campaign measurement.
Nexstar Media Group said it reached a comprehensive multi-year distribution agreement with Altafiber, formerly known as Cincinnati Bell.
The return to in-store shopping will help fuel sales during retailers’ second biggest selling season.
Magna says the U.S. ad market will rise 11% this year to reach an all-time high of $326 billion, including political. While that’s a small downward revision from its earlier forecast of +12.6% in March and +11.5% in December, it remains above the global average of 9% growth.
At last week’s ATSC conference in Detroit, Hyundai had news about an ATSC 3.0-equipped vehicle on the horizon and a bevy of new test results were shared.
Despite a disappointing subscriber loss in the first quarter and expectations that Q2 will be even worse, Netflix again topped the Solutions Research Group (SRG) annual “Must Keep TV” list for the fourth consecutive year.
Consumers’ level of comfort with in-store shopping has reached its highest point since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.
FanDuel Group, the premier sports gaming destination in the United States, announced today a new television commercial, featuring golfers Abraham Ancer, Will Zalatoris, Harold Varner III, and current FanDuel PGA TOUR partner, Jordan Spieth.
There may be some positive movement in the Vermont betting market with the establishment of a new sports betting study committee.
Even Nielsen and IRI, which helped draft Media Rating Council standard, aren't committing to audits yet, but TVSquared is interested.
The wholesale used-vehicle auction landscape is transforming as the business grapples with a major digital shift, new competitors, defecting dealer customers, shrinking vehicle inventories and big moves by leading players.
Internet-connected televisions have become the default consumer option at retail and in the home. But do so-called smart-TVs impact viewer streaming video choices? New data from Kagan would suggest not.
New-vehicle inventory in the U.S. stayed nearly flat in May from the previous month as supply disruptions and continued strong demand made it difficult to refill depleted stocks, according to data compiled by the Automotive News Research & Data Center and Cox Automotive.
Media buyer GroupM and measurement company iSpot.TV have completed a study that found that 8% to 10% of connected TV ad impressions are being counted as delivered when the TV is turned off.
Forty-four percent of Daytime Judge/Court TV Watchers spend more than five hours a day in front of the TV screen. During these viewing hours, they are likely open to ads for services they plan to buy this year: legal (8%) and travel planning (10%).
The TV upfront advertising market is well underway with NBCUniversal, Walt Disney and Fox Corp.
Despite similar profits and market conditions, franchised dealerships polled by Cox this spring were a little less optimistic about the future than they were in the first quarter.
The growing sports TV ad category of sports wagering has seen national TV ad spending rise nearly threefold over the most recent nine-month period to $282 million, according to
Ford topped new-vehicle registrations for electric vehicles among mainstream brands in the first four months of the year, followed closely by Kia and Hyundai, Automotive News reports.
BCG anticipates 59% of all new vehicles sold worldwide will be BEVs by 2035.
By looking at tens of thousands of campaigns across verticals and across budget amounts, the data is quite clear – TV should still act as the foundation for most advertisers.
The growth of connected TV advertising isn’t simmering down anytime soon, even if most of the key ingredients are scattered or missing – like, say, an industrywide standard for campaign measurement.
The first-party data craze is driving advertisers and publishers alike to corral as much audience data as possible without relying on third-party identifiers.
Although traditional media buyers continue to use streaming and digital video platforms to extend overall TV entertainment program reach, a survey from Comcast Advertising says sports TV advertising in particular -- mostly from linear TV -- can add unique reach as well.
How can we make TV and CTV ad buys apples-to-apples when the former’s audience numbers are inflated by people that watched the show, but not the ad, and the latter are only based on those whom the server counted as actually receiving the ad?
The proposal comes as the federal government moves forward on a plan to build a nationwide network of 500,000 EV charging stations by 2030 with funding from the $1 trillion infrastructure law.
Most of the NRCC's money is targeting House Democratic incumbents, as Republicans fight to flip the majority.
KGPE, KMPH, KSEE, KNSO and KFRE are now broadcasting with ATSC 3.0 technology.
Local advertising is forecast to increase 7.6% year-overyear in 2022 as the ad industry settles into something like normalcy following two years of massive disruptions caused by the pandemic, Inside Radio reports.
The 2022-23 Upfront marketplace now underway could be a tipping point to a new era of how TV advertising is contracted.
Hyundai Mobis has developed, tested and announced the first ATSC 3.0 receiver-equipped vehicles will be on the road in the United States next year.
The data continues to support linear TV as the leader in effectively reaching households for political campaigns, according to The TV Viewership Report, from Effectv, a business unit within Comcast Advertising.
Local advertisers go over the top as connected TV takes off.
As executive vice president and head of corporate development, the veteran finance executive will oversee lead and implement the company’s mergers and acquisitions and corporate finance initiatives.
Media agency Zenith expects television advertising spending to rise 3.2% in 2022, to $64.4 billion, in a year with a Winter Olympics and midterm elections.
After cooling a bit in the first half of the year, wholesale used-vehicle prices grew in May, but at nowhere near the pace of the record monthly increases seen in 2021.
Borrowers with subprime credit are pinched in the current auto finance market, with the average amount borrowed and the average monthly payment up disproportionately on subprime loans and used vehicles, compared with primerisk borrowers and new vehicles, Wards Auto reports.
Travel marketing is experiencing an uptick as businesses and consumers get back on the move following the easing of pandemic-related restrictions, SmartBrief reports.
Diginets are proliferating, and new technology is bringing the costs of launching them down while integrating them more easily into existing workflows.
Company takes action after upfront season that 'lacked significant conversation about measurement.
“The Michigan Coast-to-Coast Data Delivery Drive Tests demonstrated that ATSC 3.0 technologies can be implemented now to deliver data over a wide area to moving vehicles reliably and with high throughput,” said ATSC 3.0 consultant Merrill Weiss.
With several decades of television experience under his belt, Allen said the business continues to offer “an enormous untapped space,” with lots of revenue potential for savvy operators.
As the amount of programming available to viewers continues to escalate, the panelists spoke of making that process easier for the end user.
While viewers may not differentiate between linear, connected and streaming TV, marketers' awareness of these differences is crucial for successful campaigns.
Media buyer’s clients Unilever, Nestle, Ferrero, Dominos, TJX, Mars kicking tires on alternative currencies.
Alchemedia SG says it demonstrated that its Broadcast Services Core, integrated with other IP services, seamlessly transported IP data to a moving automobile traveling between four adjacent Michigan broadcast transmitters.
He moves from KDAF Dallas to oversee the Tegna ABC and NBC duopoly in southeast Texas.
The Media Audit’s new 2021 Aggregate Report of 49 consumer/market surveys shows early-morning TV is where to engage with adults with children at home 6 years and older and who purchased children’s clothing during the past four weeks at a local store or online.
According to data from RetailMeNot, 61% of surveyed consumers say they’re likely to reduce spending this summer due to inflation.
Watch the promos nominated by Promax to possibly win gold at the Station Summit.
With ATSC 3.0 now reaching half of U.S. viewers, broadcasters are taking the necessary steps to bring over-the-air TV to its fullest potential.
The quarantine portion of the pandemic had a profound impact on the consumption habits of consumers, TV/video being among the most affected. No surprise there. But what's striking is how quickly the phenomena matured the U.S. market in terms of video streaming.
Almost two in five (38%) U.S. adults have felt at some point like they’ve had a hard time choosing what to watch due to being overwhelmed by the number of options, according to a YouGov survey.
It’s being billed as the biggest thing to hit the market since the conversion of analog TV signals to ATSC 1.0 broadcasting in 2009. NEXTGEN TV, delivered by way of the ATSC 3.0 broadcast technology being rolled out on a volunteer basis across the U.S., has arrived in the San Joaquin Valley’s biggest city.
Gray Television today appointed veteran broadcaster Chris Fedele general manager of its WPTA (ABC/NBC) and WISE (CW) in Ft. Wayne, Ind.
Five leading television stations serving the Greenville-Spartanburg, S.C./Asheville, N.C.-Anderson, S.C., market today began broadcasting with NextGen TV, also known as ATSC 3.0.
May U.S. auto sales: Ford, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Subaru post declines behind choked supply chains, tough comparison to robust May 2021.
The cost of various forms of advertising fraud -- including app install farms, SDK spoofing, click spam & ad stacking, as well as click injection -- is projected to be $120 billion in wasted media buys in 2022, up 21% from 2021, according to an analysis published by the Association of National Advertisers.
He will maintain a role as a strategic adviser to BIA while Nicole Ovadia takes over management of forecasting services.
Americans have pulled back on online sports betting following the end of the 2021 NFL season, suggesting the country’s most popular sports league was driving much of the action in late 2022.
DeepIntent, the healthcare advertising technology company, has published research that unveils insight into consumer behaviors and preferences for ad-supported content.
Don’t call it a comeback. But thanks to sports, ever-expanding drama franchises and a handful of new hits, the Big 4 broadcast networks managed to avoid another year-to-year collapse during the now-concluded TV season.
He will continue leading the Local Now streaming service, The Weather Channel’s streaming TV apps, and Allen Media Group’s expanding portfolio of streaming platforms.
Ad intelligence provider AdImpact has selected Innovid to provide cross-platform measurement of political ads across linear TV and connected TV during what is expected to be a record-setting midterm election cycle.
Amid growing streaming and connected TV advertising efforts, traditional media companies continue to intensify their legacy linear TV networks promotion and advertising efforts heading into summer, Television News Daily reports.
New England Sports Network, the RSN home to the Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins, will become the first regional sports network in America to offer its service outside the pay TV bundle as a direct-to-consumer streaming service.
NBCU’s long-term lease with Gray will include a full suite of facilities needed to support television and film production. The new facilities will include multiple soundstages, production office space, warehouses and mill space, as well as parking and other necessary amenities.
For those in linear media such as free-to-air television and AM/FM radio, meeting the increased demand by marketers and advertising agencies for addressable advertising solutions hasn’t been easy.
The Ohio regulated sports betting market now has a launch date set for January 1, 2023. The Ohio Casino Control Commission made the announcement at a conference Wednesday morning.
May U.S. auto sales: Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Subaru post double-digit declines behind choked supply chains, tough comparison to robust May 2021.
Toyota Motor looks poised to repeat as the world’s largest automaker for a third straight year, having outsold Volkswagen by more than 1 million vehicles through April.
Automakers are planning more than a dozen battery plants across North America, but CEO Carlos Tavares thinks they may not be able to keep up with the volume of EVs in the pipeline.
At the 2019 NAB Show, repack was a big topic; with that phase over, focus this year shifted to launching ATSC 3.0.
The erosion of third-party cookies and the fragmentation of identity have compelled publishers to invest in reviewing and rebuilding their first-party data strategies. As a result, there is now a tremendous amount of quality first-party data that can be safely surfaced to brands.
A set of guidelines aimed at standardizing addressable advertising was released by On Addressable, an outfit set up by cable and satellite distributors plus smart-TV set maker Vizio.
Nielsen’s Gracenote unit introduced a new set of data that tells content owners and distributors whether individual programs are binged by consumers, viewed loyally or performed similarly to other programs.
State-regulated sports betting initiatives are gaining steam throughout California. Two such initiatives are likely to be voted on in November, with one sporting a 10% tax rate and the other at 15%.
Of the six media types utilized during the primary, broadcast television grabbed the biggest share of dollars ($47.33 million), followed by cable TV ($16.55 million).
Mother NY and sibling unit Media by Mother have been awarded AOR duties for Amica Insurance, following a competitive review managed by Joanne Davis Consulting.
The good news for the restaurant industry is that sales growth continued to be positive in April. The industry experienced a 15-month streak of improving sales year-over-year.
The ABC Owned Television Stations promotes the station veteran from VP of community engagement and development to succeed Chad Matthews as head of the New York flagship.
As digital media faces some very challenging headwinds, TV advertising, driven by the nation’s largest advertisers, outperformed MoffettNathanson’s forecasts in the first quarter of 2022.
Whether it was traditional media powerhouse NBCU, technology behemoth Amazon or living room stalwart Roku, nearly every presentation at this year’s NewFronts spent more time on ways for marketers to get inside the content than on the 30-second spots that surround it.
The station group taps Mark Danielson, Joe Abouzeid and Judson Beck to lead six stations
NAB Show highlights ATSC 3.0 spec’s progress in transportation, education.
Advertising spending on national linear TV increased 5% in April, compared to the same month in 2021, after a flat month in March, according to new figures from Standard Media Index.
The fraud rate for automotive marketers buying connected TV (CTV) is 52% higher than for non-automotive advertisers, according to digital media measurement and analytics company DoubleVerify.
Barclay's Venkateshwar believes bundling will smooth path for offerings centered around core products.
For the 2021-2022 TV season, U.S. upfront ad spending will bounce back to nearly pre-pandemic levels, if not to its 2018-19 peak, according to the latest estimate from Insider Intelligence.
Evoca, a NextGen television service, has turned its service on in Portland, Ore., providing sports, entertainment, news and lifestyle programming. For $25 per month plus a receiver and no contract, Evoca subscribers will have access to 60-plus channels, including live news, sports and weather.
MediaRadar CEO Todd Krizelman explains which brands and categories are dominating AVOD streaming so far and where spending is likely to go by the end of the year.
Local TV stations could see a 9% increase in advertising revenues this year to $23.4 billion.
Research released from The Advertising Coalition and conducted by IHS Markit yesterday finds that advertising generated $7.1 trillion in sales in 2021, and it supported 28.5 million U.S. jobs, MediaPost reports.
Rebounding from the last 12 months in which its share of impressions has declined, CTV’s share of digital video impressions climbed to 38% in Q1 from 31% in Q4 for advertising clients of ad-serving and analytics company Extreme Reach.
Retail sales of new cars are forecast to fall 20.9% this month compared to the same time last year, amid vehicle shortages and sky-high prices, according to the automotive research firms J.D. Power and LMC Automotive.
U.S. economic growth will exceed 3% in 2022, while roaring inflation has topped and will cool each month to around 2% by some point in 2024, according to a government forecast published Wednesday.
As it was still trying to get past its 2015 global diesel emissions scandal, Volkswagen of America in 2019 unleashed a new campaign called “Drive Something Bigger than Yourself” that touted causes ranging from water conservation to highway traffic de-congestion.
North Carolina residents could see a regulated local online market go live in time for the 2022 NFL season according to lawmakers.
Although supply-chain challenges still heavily crimp most automakers’ ability to build to capacity, April’s year-over-year production gain was the first in 11 months, and Q2’s expected increase will be the first for any quarter since the year-ago period.
How these young consumers relate to long-form content, user-generated content and even eSports means a lot to today’s broadcast and cable TV programming, sales and leadership teams. 
Evoca, the hybrid OTA-OTT pay-tv service that leverages the ATSC 3.0 standard for content delivery, today announced a partnership with Sling TV that allows its subscribers to add Sling Blue, Sling Orange or both to their Evoca subscriptions.
WDVM and WDCW will occupy a new state-of-the-art newsroom and studio. The combined operation will offer 67-plus hours of local news and be known as “DC News Now” and will be led by veteran journalist and news management executive Ben Dobson.
State races have been a boon to media giants as total political ad spending, by one estimate, will surpass $8.8 billion this year — that number was $3.9 billion in 2018.
Heading into the big summer entertainment period, major media companies continue to spend big on advertising for premium streaming services — as well as placing advertising for their services on their own TV networks — 27% higher in total media value than a year ago, according to
While issues such as attribution, addressability and automation remain challenging, multimedia spot television campaigns are still about relationships and results, leaders from E.W. Scripps, Graham Media, Nexstar, dentsu X and Compulse told a TVNewsCheck webinar last week.
Nielsen’s Gracenote unit said it launched Gracenote Streaming Channel Data, a new product that enables content aggregators to help viewers find data on ad-supported linear streaming TV channels and virtual multichannel video programming distributors.
In April, lower-income U.S. adults and those with limited-to-no financial assets were more likely to trade down to cheaper substitutes or forgo purchases of consumer goods and services entirely when faced with sticker shock.
Many years of labor has gone into courting and turning out Hispanic and Black voters, however the extremely various Asian American and Pacific Islander group has solely not too long ago begun to see itself as a political drive.
Scripps moves him to Texas from KMTV Omaha, Neb., to succeed Andrés Chapparo who is now GM of its WSFL Miami.
Local Minnesotans will have to wait at least another year for sports betting to launch as HF 778 failed to pass before Monday’s session deadline.
Marketing budgets have risen to 9.5% of total company revenue in 2022, according to the annual CMO Spend Survey by research firm Gartner Inc.
Consumers, rejoice. This could be the year of clearances and deals, The Wall Street Journal reports.
U.S. consumers are using their existing vehicles for longer as the inventory of new cars and light trucks remains constrained due to supply chain challenges, marking an all-time high for the average age, according to a report from S&P Global Mobility.
As audiences across all demographics continue to shift from linear viewing toward long- and short-form digital video, the continued growth of streaming was front and center during this year’s upfront presentations. And major subscription-based platforms announced their plans to add an AVOD version to their offering.
TV is not dead, nor is it dying. It is in an evolutionary state. Gone are the days of the family gathering in the living room, huddled around the one TV in the household, to watch NBC’s primetime lineup. What we have now is a fragmented viewing experience across multiple devices (TV, desktop, mobile, tablet) and services (linear TV, OTT, CTV). And they’re all fighting for viewers’ attention.
Affordable, pre-owned automobile marketer American Auto Center (ACC has tapped Philadelphia-based Harmelin Media as its media agency.
A recent trend among Baby Boomers is a desire to age in place, according to a 2019 Chase Bank survey. To remain in their homes, many are spending substantial amounts to upgrade and protect their valuable investments.
Summer travel is expected to surge this year, according to a report by Convenience Store News.
While Netflix is reeling over subscriber losses due to increased competition and consumer sensitivity to inflation, free, ad-supported streaming services are on the rise, offering thousands of programs and films in every genre and hundreds of channels at no cost.
The recent upfronts saw networks turning on a dime from their obsession with acquiring subscribers for their streamers to their former adoration of advertising. Whether there’s enough ad revenue to support this industry-wide pivot is another story.
Regulators in Ohio are aiming for a January 1, 2023 launch for the regulated sports betting market.
Upfront Week is over, the live events happening at New York’s posh midtown theaters–and a giant basketball facility down on the Lower East Side–for the first time in a few years, with Covid cancelling the shindigs in 2020 and 2021.
Nielsen said it is now including more streaming devices and providers in its deduplicated connected TV viewing measured by its Digital Ad Ratings.
The Element Roku TV is the first time the Roku operating system has been available in an outdoor TV.
Consumer spending this Father’s Day (June 19) is expected to total $20 billion, nearly on par with last year’s record-setting figure of $20.1 billion, according to the annual consumer survey by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics.
National TV scatter market advertising revenue is down a massive 32% so far this season -- October 2021 through March 2022 -- versus the same period four years ago.
According to one major media buyer who spoke on condition of anonymity, “the networks are looking to avoid too much reliance on the scatter marketplace” and are therefore itching to cut deals as soon as possible.
One of the truisms of marketing that has not wavered over the years is the need to reach the right person at the right time. In a world where fragmentation of audiences continues to accelerate, there is little distinction in the eyes of the average television viewer whether they are watching content on linear platforms or content on connected TV (CTV).
In television, there are two types of big data currently being licensed for use in audience measurement: return path data (aka set top box data) and smart TV automated content recognition (ACR) data. The Media Rating Council has established a standard indicating that these data types ought to be used only to represent their own user base, and not represent the entire U.S., but it is currently reviewing that standard.
As consumers stream more OTT content than ever before, it’s important to understand which devices are serving as the key drivers within the category.
Looking to grow the digital over-the-air TV network industry -- and its own nine networks -- Scripps Networks is spending $20 million in a campaign to get consumers to consider buying digital antennas.
Disney has inked a multi-year deal with XFL to carry the new football league’s regular-season and playoff games, Disney announced during its upfront presentation.
Ad-supported TV has always been a thing. Now the messaging is looking to grow. This was amplified by Comcast NBCUniversal and Fox Corp. on day one of the TV upfront advertising presentations.
U.S. retail sales rose strongly in April as consumers spent more on motor vehicles amid an improvement in supply and increased spending at restaurants, providing a powerful boost to the economy at the start of Q2, Reuters reports.
Affiliate boards are pursuing relief from the FCC as vMVPDs continue to bedevil station groups pushed into “take it or leave it” deals negotiated exclusively by the networks.
Tegna Inc. said that at a special meeting of shareholders that they voted to adopt the merger with an affiliate of Standard General L.P.