When Is NextGen TV Revenue Coming?

John Hane, president and CEO of BitPath, shares an update on how far along the ATSC 3.0 consortium is toward building a national network that will support leasing data services and get cash registers finally ringing for broadcasters.

FCC Commissioner Starks: The Future of Broadcasting Is NextGen TV

The future of broadcast television can be found in the ongoing deployment of NextGen TV, aka ATSC 3.0, broadcasts, explained FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks in a speech this week at the University Of Pennsylvania Carey Law School Center For Technology, Innovation & Competition.

NextGen Rollout Challenged By Spectrum Constraints

The early consumer experience of NextGen TV has been hampered by government regulations that make it hard for viewers to differentiate the new services from the legacy ATSC 1.0 programming already delivered over-the-air, according to broadcasters.

Pearl TV Moves To Ramp Up NextGen TV Monetization Opportunities

The Pearl TV coalition today announced two steps it is taking to help TV broadcasters realize more of the monetization potential of ATSC 3.0—one related to advertising and the other aimed at increasing the number of TV viewers who can watch NextGen TV.

ENENSYS And Ateme Partner To Offer ATSC 3.0-In-A-Box Solution For WCRN

Tyche Media’s independent WCRN-LD Boston has launched an ATSC 3.0/NextGen TV platform with ENENSYS and Ateme’s ATSC 3.0 software-based solution. In addition to providing linear TV service over NextGen TV, the service will also offer unlimited encrypted broadcast datacasting services to businesses and first responders.

‘SuperFrank’ Copsidas Brings NEXTGEN TV To Boston

The first ATSC 3.0-powered television station has been fired up in Boston. And, it’s a facility owned by Frank Copsidas with DT-1 programming featuring a rebroadcast of the English-language France 24 all-news channel based in Paris.

ATSC 3.0 Chases ‘Cloud-First’ Cars

At last week’s ATSC conference in Detroit, Hyundai had news about an ATSC 3.0-equipped vehicle on the horizon and a bevy of new test results were shared.