Five Stations Launch NextGen TV In Chicago

Viewers in America’s third-largest television market can now experience the future of broadcast television as five stations join to launch NextGen TV technology, also known as ATSC 3.0. Switching on the new transmission standard are CBS’s WBBM-TV (CBS); Fox’s WFLD (Fox); NBC’s WMAQ (NBC); Nexstar’s WGN (independent); and Univision’s WGBO (Univision).

Scripps CEO on Bringing Sports Back to Local, and the Real Opportunity With ATSC 3.0 NextGen TV

We’re at a moment right now, where the most important content genres for linear television are moving to broadcast TV: sports, live news, and that’s really become a critical part of the broadcast business. Most people have the narrative sort of upside down. We are seeing streaming participate in sports, but if you take a look at the vast majority of the changes and moves in the sports business with rights, things have moved into broadcast.

Four Ways FAST Workflow Convergence Is Redefining OTA Distribution in the NextGen TV Era

This convergence of FAST and OTA workflows is an exciting development that gives broadcasters an excellent opportunity to experiment with delivering diverse content over the airwaves. “Convergence” is truly the operative word here: As workflows unite for cloud-based and traditional broadcast methods, content production and distribution will become more streamlined as well.

ADTH Offering NextGen TV Receiver Through 

The ADTH NextGen TV set-top receiver, a certified and security verified device for reception of NextGen TV signals, is now available from The announcement comes just ahead of the annual CES in Las Vegas, where the ADTH receiver will be on display at the Advanced Television Systems Committee exhibit booth.

For Broadcasters and Their Vendors, AI and IP Delivery Are Top of Mind at CES

Broadcasters will use CES 2024 to promote the continued rollout of ATSC 3.0, or NextGen TV. Big Four networks ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC are all sponsors of the ATSC booth in Central Hall. There will also be various interactive applications enabled by 3.0’s broadband backchannel including “Start Over” capability developed by E.W. Scripps.

When Is NextGen TV Revenue Coming?

John Hane, president and CEO of BitPath, shares an update on how far along the ATSC 3.0 consortium is toward building a national network that will support leasing data services and get cash registers finally ringing for broadcasters.

FCC Commissioner Starks: The Future of Broadcasting Is NextGen TV

The future of broadcast television can be found in the ongoing deployment of NextGen TV, aka ATSC 3.0, broadcasts, explained FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks in a speech this week at the University Of Pennsylvania Carey Law School Center For Technology, Innovation & Competition.

NextGen Rollout Challenged By Spectrum Constraints

The early consumer experience of NextGen TV has been hampered by government regulations that make it hard for viewers to differentiate the new services from the legacy ATSC 1.0 programming already delivered over-the-air, according to broadcasters.

Pearl TV Moves To Ramp Up NextGen TV Monetization Opportunities

The Pearl TV coalition today announced two steps it is taking to help TV broadcasters realize more of the monetization potential of ATSC 3.0—one related to advertising and the other aimed at increasing the number of TV viewers who can watch NextGen TV.