Purchase Funnel 2024

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The Impact of Advertising on Purchase Behavior

The goal of the 2024 Purchase Funnel Study is to identify the importance of media platforms in influencing consumers during the purchase decision process. TVB commissioned GfK to conduct this study, which looked at consumers exposed to advertising across eight categories through ANY of 20+ media platforms.

As new media platforms proliferate and become more widely adopted by consumers, it is critical to ascertain their impact. While this study recognizes the role of a variety of different media platforms, it confirms that TV remains the most important influence by far, through all stages of the purchase decision process.

Media Platforms Analyzed

Some key findings:
  •  TV is the most important influencer at all stages of the purchase funnel. This is true for all categories, key demos, and ethnic groups. It is also true of streamers.
  • Among those who cited TV as the most important for awareness, two-thirds of respondents chose broadcast TV versus cable.
  • At 67%, TV is the top platform for exposure to advertising.
  • Exposure to a media platform is not a guarantee of consumer importance, except for TV.
  • The highest proportion of those exposed to a media platform that felt it had any importance (most, 2nd or 3rd important) in influencing the awareness of a product/service, was linear TV.
  • Local broadcast TV news is #1 for trust among media platforms.
  • Local broadcast TV station websites/apps are the most trusted among digital platforms. Social media is the least trusted.
  • Exposure to TV ads motivated consumers to act and influenced their online search selections.
  • Streamers are more exposed to advertisements on linear TV than the average adult 18+.
Source: GfK TVB Purchase Funnel 2024 A18+
QA4/QA5/QA6/QA7/QA8 Most important for media with at least 1 funnel stage at 2%+ shown; 2%, 1%, & 0% not shown/labeled.
Source: GfK TVB Purchase Funnel 2024 A18+
B2 “I trust the news that I see/hear on this media source.” Top 2 box (Agree Strongly + Agree Somewhat).
Source: GfK TVB Purchase Funnel 2024 A18+
QA10 “When doing an online search, how often, if at all, have TV advertisements you have seen in this category influenced you in some way in your search selections?” (Yes = Every time, most of the time, sometimes among those who do online searches).

For more information, please contact Hadassa Gerber, Chief Research Officer, TVB