$7 Million for 30 Seconds? To Advertisers, the Super Bowl Is Worth It

The Super Bowl stands alone as a mass-marketing opportunity on television. A decade ago, the average cost of a 30-second spot was $4 million; a decade before that, it was $2.4 million. Analysts say the rise is a result of supply and demand: With a fixed amount of time and advertising spots for each Super Bowl broadcast, the competition is fierce.

NFL Conference Championships: NFC+20%; AFC+17%

NFL TV viewing keeps rising. The NFC Championship game this past weekend on Fox featuring the San Francisco 49ers and the Detroit Lions was up 20% compared to last year’s NFL game — to 56.7 million Nielsen-measured viewers. Viewing was also 7% higher vs. the AFC Championship a year ago, which ran in the same late-afternoon Sunday time period (with 53.1 million viewers) a year ago. Fox says this is the best NFC Championship game result in 12 years — and the fourth most-watched non-Super Bowl telecast event.

Toyota Has A Change Of Heart About Super Bowl

Toyota Motor North America has reversed an early decision not to run a national spot during Super Bowl LVIII on Feb. 11. More details will be shared closer to game day, according to the automaker’s announcement.

WFAA To Air 10 Additional Dallas Mavericks Games

TEGNA’s ABC affiliate WFAA Dallas-Fort Worth has partnered with the Dallas Mavericks to add 10 more games to the WFAA broadcast schedule.Combined with the Mavericks games already slated to air as part of the NBA on ABC between now and the end of the season, Mavericks’ fans across Dallas-Fort Worth will now have access to 13 free over-the-air games in the span of 11 weeks.

VW, BMW and Kia To Run Super Bowl Spots

The Super Bowl will see the return of BMW and Volkswagen as advertisers after hiatuses while Kia, a marketing mainstay during the Big Game, will be back for the third straight year.

Scripps CEO on Bringing Sports Back to Local, and the Real Opportunity With ATSC 3.0 NextGen TV

We’re at a moment right now, where the most important content genres for linear television are moving to broadcast TV: sports, live news, and that’s really become a critical part of the broadcast business. Most people have the narrative sort of upside down. We are seeing streaming participate in sports, but if you take a look at the vast majority of the changes and moves in the sports business with rights, things have moved into broadcast.

NFL Regular-Season Games See 7% Increase In Viewers

The league’s seminal prime-time package” Monday Night Football” had its best season since 2000, averaging 17.36 million viewers across ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC, a whopping 29% increase. CBS averaged 19.35 million, its most-watched regular season since it returned to the network in 1998, and an increase of 5% over 2022. NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” package had a 21.4 million average, its best viewership since 2015, and an 8% increase over last year.

The Real Cost Of A Super Bowl Commercial In 2024 Is Unbelievable

This year, The Hollywood Reporter says that CBS (and Paramount Global) are asking for $7 million for a 30-second spot. That hefty chunk of change isn’t deterring advertisers, as a Paramount rep tells the outlet that inventory has “virtually sold out, pacing ahead of schedule.”

Arizona Bowl Scores The CW’s Second Largest College Football Audience

“The CW’s first college bowl game in network history served as the centerpiece of eight straight hours of live sports programming on Saturday alongside our ACC men’s basketball doubleheader, highlighting the power of sports on The CW,” said Brad Schwartz, President of Entertainment, The CW Network.