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Surge In Midterm Election Campaign Spending A Boon For TV Broadcasters

During a panel last month sponsored by broadcaster trade group TVB, Republican and Democratic political consultants agreed that they still put their faith — and most of their clients' money — in broadcast ads. "If you want to win, it's television," said Brad Perseke, GMMB


Senate Spending Soars

With the Senate on the line and close races in key battleground states—North Carolina, Colorado—the TV political ad money is piling up.


Political TV Ad Spending Expected To Top $1 Billion

Audie Cornish speaks with Elizabeth Wilner of Kantar Media about the landscape of political TV advertising in the run up to the 2014 election.


3 Things You Must Do to Win the Latino Vote

Whether Latino voters represent 30% or only 3% of likely voters in your state, city or district, having a Hispanic strategy and solid media plan behind your candidate’s Spanish-language messaging is critical to success. — Chiqui Cartagena, VP, Corporate Marketing, Univision


NRSC Hikes TV Ad Buys In 6 States

The National Republican Senatorial Committee’s independent expenditure arm is in the process of increasing its television reservations by at least $7.4M for the final three weeks before Election Day.


Stations’ Midterm Grades Are Looking Strong

With a forecasted $6B being raised, half goes to television, and 80%-85% of that to local broadcast. That spells around $2.4B, says Scott Roskowski, chief development officer at trade association TVB, citing Kantar Media research.


The Big Campaign Question: Cable or Broadcast?

TVB Chief Development Officer Scott Roskowski said of cable targeting, “There’s a place for that. I don’t think it’s a big place because you need to maximize the amount of people who are going to vote for you.”


Local TV Stations Are Getting Force Fed Super PAC Cash

“We've become the epicenter,” said Dale Woods, Pres and GM of WHO-TV in Des Moines, Iowa. “The intensity used to be after Labor Day. That process, this year, started in July and August.”


TVB Resources


TVB Guide to 2014 Political Races & DMAs

22 races in 12 States are now in the “Toss Up” column.


People Talking Politics: How Local Television Drives Political Engagement

TVB’s analysis reveals nearly 75% of local political conversations are driven by what citizens view on Broadcast TV.


TVB Political Analysis: 5 Reasons Winning Campaigns Make the Local Media Choices They Do

When considering which local medium provides the most efficient and effective advertising platform for political campaigns; let us first imagine a media world without local, over-the-air television. What local media would be left for the political pro's to evaluate, Cable…Digital? Each get a lot of ink, but media professionals understand the risks of putting their media-dollar-eggs into those baskets.


Weather. Traffic. Sports. Politics. These are not only the pillars of Local TV News content, but the mainstays of everyday conversation. Click here for TVB's recent presentation to the AAPC on how Local TV News drives America's political conversations.


Politics 2014: Local Market TV in the Next Political Cycle

As the 2013 elections recede in the rear view mirror our attention turns to the outlook for political ad spending in 2014. Recent forecasts on campaign spending growth and on broadcast TV vs. local cable have gotten our attention.


2012 Presidential Election Analysis

Drum roll: The biggest media impact maker on the 2012 Presidential election was… Local market broadcast television. (again!)


How Well Does Cable Reach Your Political Zone?

Television is the most powerful advertising medium. But not all TV is the same. TV stations reach every TV household, while cable's penetration is all over the map. See a list of cable coverage by state.


Unique Local Ad Opportunities

Stations are offering unique cross-platform ad opportunities every day on digital broadcast channels, online, and through social media. See the latest highlights.





GOP pollster sees sunny outlook for Republicans in N.C., Colo. Senate races - Upton spends big in final week

GOP pollster sees sunny outlook for Republicans in N.C., Colo. Senate races

T-minus one week to Election Day, campaigns release final ads, fundraising pitches — Warren, Paul on the trail

T-minus one week to Election Day, campaigns release final ads, fundraising pitches

Left rips Denver Post for Gardner endorsement — Carter trashes Deal’s deal — Can GOP create a wave?

MoveOn and NARAL are taking out a full-page ad in the Sunday Denver Post to rebut the paper's recent editorial





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