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Amid All the Digital Hype, Don’t Forget TV Wins Elections

Advertising on local broadcast television is the most powerful means to reach and influence the largest bloc of voters. TV remains a resilient force in political advertising precisely because it is effective and measurable.


TVNewsCheck: Sinclair Brings Local Newscasts To Congress

Sinclair Broadcast Group introduced a news segment called Connect to Congress, a multimedia initiative that lets members of Congress in Sinclair news markets communicate with their constituents on a regular basis.


The New York Times: Republican ‘Super PACs’ Turn to TV Ads for High-Stakes Primaries

Candidates struggling in the shadow of Donald J. Trump hope their own backup — in the form of “super PACs” flush with money for television commercials — will soon be riding to their rescue.


The Courier-Journal: Ky leads nation in political ad spending

The biggest spenders in Kentucky’s competitive race for governor are a pair of Louisville millionaires who want to see a Republican elected as the state’s chief executive.


The Drum: Presidential candidates should ramp up TV ad spend, NBC News political director Chuck Todd says

Political director at NBC News Chuck Todd thinks that 2016 presidential hopefuls should start investing more heavily in television ads now if they're serious about winning.


TVNewsCheck: How Big Will Political Be For Spot In 2016?

It was wise for the TVB to have hired a PR firm in Washington, The Herald Group, to make the case that TV in general and spot in particular is the best bet for political dollars.


The Washington Post: A Wave of 2016 Ads Is About To Hit The Airwaves

Despite the allure of digital media, things like banner ads and search advertising don’t do as good a job as television commercials persuading the electorate to like or dislike a candidate or a particular issue,” says a report on 2016 campaign spending by Borrell Associates, which tracks advertising trends.


TVNewsCheck: Jeb Bush SuperPAC Going Up With $24 Million In TV Ads

Right to Rise superPAC, which has raised more than $100 million, is going up with $24 million in television ads in the three key early presidential nominating states. Ads go up in Iowa and New Hampshire and South Carolina.


TVB Resources

Local Broadcast TV Is Still Key To Winning Political Campaigns

TVB’s statement: Local broadcast TV offers campaigns scientifically-proven ability to reach their target audiences.


Guide to 2015-16 Political Races & DMAs

TVB’s guide to the 3 Gubernatorial races in 2015, and the 2016 Senate, House and Gubernatorial races.


People Talking Politics: How Local Television Drives Political Engagement

TVB’s analysis reveals nearly 75% of local political conversations are driven by what citizens view on Broadcast TV.


TVB Political Analysis: 5 Reasons Winning Campaigns Make the Local Media Choices They Do

When considering which local medium provides the most efficient and effective advertising platform for political campaigns; let us first imagine a media world without local, over-the-air television. What local media would be left for the political pro's to evaluate, Cable…Digital? Each get a lot of ink, but media professionals understand the risks of putting their media-dollar-eggs into those baskets.


Weather. Traffic. Sports. Politics. These are not only the pillars of Local TV News content, but the mainstays of everyday conversation. Click here for TVB's recent presentation to the AAPC on how Local TV News drives America's political conversations.


Politics 2014: Local Market TV in the Next Political Cycle

As the 2013 elections recede in the rear view mirror our attention turns to the outlook for political ad spending in 2014. Recent forecasts on campaign spending growth and on broadcast TV vs. local cable have gotten our attention.


How Well Does Cable Reach Your Political Zone?

Television is the most powerful advertising medium. But not all TV is the same. TV stations reach every TV household, while cable's penetration is all over the map. See a list of cable coverage by state.


Unique Local Ad Opportunities

Stations are offering unique cross-platform ad opportunities every day on digital broadcast channels, online, and through social media. See the latest highlights.





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