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Politico: Trump starts spending to end Cruz in Indiana

Donald Trump still needs to win Indiana — and he’s starting to act like it. The frugal Manhattan mogul has begun opening his wallet for the air war, spending more than $900,000 on TV and radio ads.


Deadline: TV’s Political Ad Sales Prospects Remain Unclear As Primaries Continue

Those selling TV ads say they’re still bullish. Kantar predicted that $4.4 billion in total local and national political TV spending, a slight increase over 2012. “I don’t think the money is going away,” says Steve Lanzano, CEO of the TVB, which represents stations.


POLITICO: Donald Trump Cracks Open His Wallet

Donald Trump opened his wallet wide for his presidential campaign in March, loaning it $11.5 million, nearly twice as much as he shelled out in any previous month. Trump’s campaign also increased its spending, shelling out nearly $13.8 million.


MediaPost: Local Is Key Ad Drive In Presidential Election

Amid the 2016 presidential race season of firsts, perhaps most significant is the role of local media and the level of engagement it continues to provide between candidates and constituents.


AdAge: Pro-Hillary Clinton PAC Spending on TV and Radio Ads Surges

Hillary Clinton now takes the lead in terms of combined TV-and-radio ad spending by her campaign and the PACs supporting her campaign. Pro-Hillary PAC ad spending has surged to $11.5 million to date.


Media Life: Spot TV - Hitting New Heights with the Election

Forecasters are predicting record ad spending on this year’s elections. And that will lead to record spending on spot TV.


C&E: Check the Facts: Local TV Gets Voters

While online ad spending is valuable to campaigns, it pales in comparison to the reach and impact of local TV advertising.


Ad Age: What Rubio and His Super PAC Did in the Final Days in Florida

It wasn't looking good for Senator Marco Rubio's chances leading into his home state's primary, and his campaign did little digital and TV advertising this month to help his dying cause by pushing people to the polls.


 TVB Resources

The Voter Funnel Study
A new study from GfK shows how advertising on local broadcast TV remains the most impactful way to talk to voters. TV drives political discussions and propels voters to learn more—and to act.


Nielsen Total Audience Report

Nielsen’s Q4 2015 Total Audience Report confirms American’s significant and consistent preference for television over all media.


TVB’s on-air political advocacy campaign communicates the benefits of political advertising on local broadcast television.


The Local Vote 2016 - The Road to Super Tuesday

Katz Media Group's political insight initiative.


TVB On-air political ads
New ad highlights broadcast TV as a political advertising necessity.


Political Races & DMAs 2016 Guide

TVB’s guide to the 2016 presidential, senatorial, congressional and gubernatorial races.


The American Conversation Study

How Local TV Drives Political Engagement

The latest Keller Fay Study shows how television remains the most influential medium in driving conversations, with local broadcast news cited as the primary and most trusted news content source among Americans.


Local Broadcast TV Is Still Key To Winning Political Campaigns

TVB’s statement: Local broadcast TV offers campaigns scientifically-proven ability to reach their target audiences.


Rocking the Young Vote Through Local Television

Nielsen’s January 2016 Local Watch Report features data highlighting local television’s ability to reach young voters.




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