HUT/PUT National Prime Trends

HUTs and PUTs tend to follow similar patterns year after year, with some variations for Olympics months. During the year, there is some variation by month but not dramatic differences.

It has often been theorized that Americans watch much less television during the summer. In actuality, TVB’s analysis of June, July and August NTI averages find that the fall-off is consistent and not severe nationally. Some local markets, particularly in the South, may actually have increased HUTs because of the hot summers.

Here are the major trend points:

  • There is very little difference in the HUT indices for the summer months over the last 10+ years
  • In 2014, January (12/30/13-1/26/14) was the month with the highest HUT and PUT averages, while July (6/30-7/27/14) was the month with the lowest.


NTI Primetime HUT Tables by Month (XLS)


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