Steve Lanzano, President & CEO, TVB

Automotive One-on-One

Host: Craig Broitman, EVP, Chief Operating Officer, Katz Television Group; Chair, NSAC
Guest: John Casesa, Sr. Managing Director, Guggenheim Partners

Live Q&A: Automotive Update

Host: Steve Sturm, Executive Automotive Consultant, TVB
Guest: Patrick Manzi, PhD, Chief Economist, NADA

Live Q&A: Senior Healthcare

Host: Brian Wexler, SVP, Business Development, TVB
Tracy Hayes, Multi-Media Marketing Consultant, WTVM, Gray Television
Terri Roberts, Vice President, Business Development, Columbus Hospice of Georgia and Alabama

Live Q&A: How TV Ads Fill Local Job Openings

Host: Brian Allers, SVP, Business Development, TVB
Bridney Cobb, Production Recruiting Manager, General Mills
Garrett Hudson, Sr. Multimedia Marketing Executive, Gray Television

Live Q& A: Home Improvement Franchisee

Host: Brian Allers, SVP, Business Development, TVB
Guest: Don Lanier, Owner, Honest Abe Roofing Evansville

Advertiser One-on-One

(Sponsor intro by Tunnl)
Host: Sara Gallegos, Senior Director, New Business Development, Scripps; Chair, SSAC
Guest: Bethany Fife, Senior Director, La-Z-Boy

Political Forecast

Mitchell West, Director, CMAG, Vivvix

Political One-on-One

Host: Brad Seitter, EVP, Local and National Business Development, TVB
Guest: Dave Heller, President, Main Street Communications

2024 Congressional Races

Host: Brad Seitter, EVP, Local and National Business Development, TVB
Guest: Dan Conston, President, Congressional Leadership Fund

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Key Categories Update

(Sponsored by Vivvix)
Gregory Aston, Director, Research & Data Science, Vivvix
Tom Butler, Vice President, Media & Data, Vivvix

Intro to TVBU: AE Sales Training

Brian Allers, SVP, Business Development, TVB
Brian Wexler, SVP, Business Development, TVB

Overcoming Objections to Broadcast TV

Brian Wexler, SVP, Business Development, TVB

Selling with AI

Brian Allers, SVP, Business Development, TVB

Recruit & Retain Diverse Sales Talent

Dr. Linda Wiley Bing, CEO, Turning Point Leadership Group

NEXT Women: Career Mobility

(Sponsor intro by WideOrbit)
Host: Abby Auerbach, Executive Director, NEXT Women
Tammi Fraser, Director of National Sales, Southeast, Gray Television
Trisha Ripperger, Chief Marketing Officer, Tom Wood Group

AI & Automation to Monetize 27 Billion Weekly News Minutes

(Sponsored by SureWaves)
Dan Lyons, President, SureWaves

Business Forecast

(Sponsored by BIA Advisory Services)
Tom Buono, Founder & CEO, BIA Advisory Services

Sell Efficiently with Automation

(Sponsored by WideOrbit)
Brian Thoman, EVP, Software Technology Development & Managing Director, Marketplaces, WideOrbit

Agency Panel

Host: Steve Lanzano, President & CEO, TVB
Joe Cerone, Executive Vice President, Local Investment, MAGNA
Brian McCord, SVP/Executive Director, Media Strategy, RPA
Kyle Roberts, President/CEO, AdImpact & Smart Media Group

Local TV Measurement Action Plan

Jon Watts, Managing Director, Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement

Local Measurement

Host: Hadassa Gerber, EVP, Chief Research Officer, TVB
Pete Doe, Chief Data Officer, Nielsen
Carol Hinnant, Chief Revenue Officer, Comscore
Jennifer Hungerbuhler, EVP, Head of Local Video and Audio Investment, dentsu Media US
Becky Meyer, SVP, National Sales, Gray Television

Powering Local TV Revenue

(Sponsored by Nielsen)
Paul LeFort, Senior Vice President, Sales Director, Nielsen
Mike Weinisch, Vice President, Local TV Insights, Nielsen

Comscore’s Top 10 FAQs

(Sponsored by Comscore)
Tara Gotch, Executive Vice President, Commercial, Comscore
Julia Johnston, Senior Vice President, Commercial, Comscore

ANA Keynote: DEI Call to Action

Bob Liodice, CEO, ANA

Linear TV & Streaming Video

Hadassa Gerber, EVP, Chief Research Officer, TVB

Ad Fontes’ Billion $ News Challenge

Vanessa Otero, CEO & Founder, Ad Fontes Media

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Award Presentations

NEXT Awards

(Sponsored by WideOrbit)
Presented by: Toni Coonce, Chief Revenue Officer, WideOrbit
Nicole Besen, Buyer, Local Investment, Havas Media Group
Jennifer Kempton, Account Executive, 9News, TEGNA

Ad Council Catalyst Award

Presented by: DJ Perera, Chief Media Officer, Ad Council
Accepted by: Geraldine Moriba, SVP News, Entertainment, and Empowerment, TheGrio, Allen Media Group

DEI Leadership Awards

Presented by: Abby Auerbach, EVP, Chief Communications Officer, TVB
Accepted by:
Aisha F. Thompkins, Director, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Cox Media Group
Nancy Larkin, EVP, Managing Partner, LocalONE Investment; DEI Impact Team Leader, Horizon Media