Mother’s Day 2024

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Mother’s Day 2024 PDF

Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring everything mothers do and for the sacrifices that they make. It’s a day where loved ones not only spend the day with their mothers but also give gifts as a sign of appreciation. Because of this, Mother’s Day is one of the biggest retail shopping events of the year, with the NRF projecting consumer spending in 2024 to be a near record high of $33.5 Billion.

The TVB 2024 Mother’s Day Report demonstrates the importance of local broadcast TV in targeting these Mother’s Day shoppers, regardless of category, geography or whether they are shopping in store or online.

Key Points:
  • Mother’s Day consumer spending in 2024 is projected to be a near record high at $33.5 Billion.
  • TV advertising is imperative to influence Mother’s Day shoppers.
  • Most respondents said TV influenced their search selections.
  • Broadcast TV delivers top Mother’s Day ratings and reach.
  • Local TV allows advertisers to target their message in a trusted environment.
  • Broadcast TV delivers both in-store and online shoppers.
  • Online shoppers and in-store shoppers selected TV as the most important influence.
  • Broadcast TV assets can reach those who stream programming on ad-free platforms.
Source: NRF’s Annual 2024 Mother’s Day Spending Survey.
Source: Nielsen NPower, 3/27/2023-5/14/2023, A18+ Live+1 Ratings. Broadcast Includes all Networks and Syndication.
Source: GfK TVB Purchase Funnel 2024 In-store/online retail category A18+
QA10 “When doing an online search, how often, if at all, have TV ads you have seen influenced you in some ways in your search?” (Yes = combination of Every time, Most of the time & Sometimes).

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