TV & Sports Betting: A Winning Combination

TV & Sports Betting: A Winning Combination

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Following the repeal of PASPA in 2018, many states (and Washington DC) have passed legislation to approve regulated sports betting and have either launched or are planning to launch in the near future. Sports betting in the U.S. has taken over the sports world, with everything from professional leagues partnering with sportsbooks to athletes being sponsored by legal sports betting entities. Sports betting continues to be a major fixture in the country.

TVB set out to discover how sports betting entities like DraftKings, FanDuel and others are reaching potential players, and to identify the importance of media platforms in influencing online sports bettor’ decisions.

Some key findings:
  • Sports bettors skew male and younger.
  • Sports bettors in households with incomes in the $50-$150K range over index compared to the population.
  • Television is the most important influencer for awareness, considerations of online sports betting options, and placing an online sports bet.
  • TV and TV websites/apps are the top two trusted media sources for online sports betting ads.
  • DraftKings and FanDuel are the most popular online sports betting services, but younger adults are more inclined to have multiple sport betting accounts.
  • Bettors are open to competitive promotions, indicating an ongoing need for advertising.
  • Local broadcast TV news viewers and users of local TV news websites and apps are a great target for online betting and in game sports.
The Most Important Media Influence: Television
Source: Heart+Mind Strategies TVB Sports Betting Survey 2022; N = 1,590; QA1, QA2, QA3 – Thinking about the ads you saw/heard for online sports betting, which advertising media was most important in making you aware/helping you consider/placing a sports bet? (TV Websites/Apps = Local TV, Network TV or Cable TV); Media with at least 1 stage with 2% or higher shown. 2% and 1% shown but not labelled
Source: Heart+Mind Strategies TVB Sports Betting Survey 2022; N = 1,073; QA4 Which of the following did you do after seeing/hearing the ads for online sports betting on television? Please select all that apply.
Source: Heart+Mind Strategies TVB Sports Betting Survey 2022; N = 1,558; QA5 (Yes = Every time, most of the times and sometimes)

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