The Power of Local Television

Many say that television isn’t what it used to be. They are right…it’s better. Television remains the American consumer’s top media choice for news and entertainment. People are spending more time with traditional TV than with any other medium, and advances in new technology are offering more ways to access and enhance the TV-viewing experience. The fundamental changes that are reshaping the viewing landscape are playing out differently across local markets – meaning localism matters now more than ever.

Why Local Television is of key importance for advertisers:

  • Every brand has geographic areas of opportunity.
  • Geography is often more predictive of sales than demography.
  • Loyalty is built not just on familiarity, but also on availability.
  • Brand loyalty relies on trust – and people trust their neighbor’s opinions and experience.
  • Local retailers are trusted resources for inventory and product knowledge.
  • People trust their local broadcasters’ information and community involvement.
  • Local Television ads are a key driver for digital traffic and online sales.
  • Local television stations connect across all platforms, reaching consumers where they live, work, and play.