Video Media Devices and Usage Study

Video Media Devices and Usage Study

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The way people use media devices has evolved over time, but questions remain that have not been entirely addressed by syndicated reports. How many people watch TV with the sound on or off? How many TV sets are in the home and where are they located? What programming do they connect to?

The 2022 Video Media Devices and Usage Study, a brand-new study conducted by GfK and commissioned by TVB, attempts to better understand the way people use media devices for video content with the hope that its findings will help inform and improve the measurement of TV/Video audiences.

Some key findings:

  • 96% of respondents have a TV in their home and the average number of TV sets per home is 2.7; 23% of all homes have 4+ TV sets.
  • One third of respondents watch TV with the sound muted, using earbuds/hearing aids or closed captioning, while 28% watch TV using earphones/earbuds/hearing aids or closed captioning. That number rises to 44% for A18-34 and 50% for Hispanics.
  • Respondents who use alternative listening methods and turn the speakers off do so frequently.
  • Households consume video programming/events in many different ways. For example, though the largest proportion of homes have a cable connection (48%), not all TV sets in the home may have a cable connection.
  • It is more likely that a TV set will be dedicated to streaming only than an entire household will be streaming only.
  • 83% of households can view linear TV content on their TV.
  • 69% of respondents are able to stream linear TV through a mobile device. Combined, 95% can access linear TV either on their TV screen or mobile device.
  • 36% of respondents downloaded or have a local broadcast TV station news app on at least one working TV.
  • 91% of households can view live local broadcast news on at least one TV set.
  • If a household is paying for a streaming service and has a choice between a tier with no ads and a tier with ads, they are more likely to choose the ad-free version.
Source: GfK TVB Video Media Devices and Usage 2022 Study. Persons 18+. TV4 – How many working TV sets do you have in your home that are used to view programs/events?
Source: GfK TVB Video Media Devices and Usage 2022 Study. Persons 18+. TV2 – In the past two months, did you at any time view programs/events on television networks, on a TV either at the time of telecast or time delayed with…
Source: GfK TVB Video Media Devices and Usage 2022 Study. Persons 18+. TV8 – For each of your working TV sets, please select how that set gets programming/events on either TV networks or streaming networks Base = Households.

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