SkillUp: Harnessing Our Emotions

Presented: April 24, 2024 | video duration: 00:47:42

Moderator: Abby Auerbach, CCO, TVB and Executive Director, NEXT Women
Speaker: Emma Miele, MA, PCC; Founder & Coach, The Breathing Room

NEXT Women presents a new skill building session on harnessing emotions with Emma Miele, licensed coach, and founder of The Breathing Room moderated by Abby Auerbach, Executive Director, NEXT Women.

Emotional intelligence and regulation are powerful tools for success. When properly harnessed and directed, emotions can super-charge professional skills such as tackling imposter syndrome, setting boundaries, and conflict resolution. This presentation will help you:

  • Understand the core emotions and purpose of each
  • Gain insight into what emotional regulation is and how you can access it
  • Apply emotional regulation in common workplace scenarios

Harnessing our Emotions PowerPoint | Harnessing Our Emotions PDF Handout