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2022 State of Women in Local Broadcast TV Survey

2022 State of Women in Local Broadcast TV Survey

TVB NEXT Women conducted a survey on the state of women in the local broadcast TV industry as a follow-up to the 2021 BIA & NEXT Women survey. The survey was administered in July and August 2022 with the intent of identifying trends in how women in the industry view professional development and career opportunities and challenges, as well as diversity initiatives.

Survey Overview

Online Survey: 230 respondents who currently work in the broadcast TV industry

Job Titles: 29% Account Executive, 18% Corporate/GM, 13% Sales Director/Manager, 9% Research, 7% Agency VP/Director/Manager, 6% GSM, 6% Sales Asst/Coordinator, 4% Tech/Operations/Traffic, 2% Marketing/Creative Services, 6% other

Gender: 96% Female, 4% Male

Survey Highlights

Overall, most responses were on par with 2021 results. Notable trends worth calling out include:

Increased mentorship: When asked what has helped women further their career goals, 30% of respondents cited mentorship in 2021 compared to 67% in 2022.

DEI: In 2021, 64% of survey respondents said their companies have formal DEI initiatives in place and 26% were unsure. In 2022, 73% of respondents said their companies have formal DEI programs and only 15% were unsure.

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