Comscore Upgrades Local Cross-Platform Measurement Product

Advertisers can optimize digital ads alongside linear campaigns in flight. “Comscore has delivered a true cross-platform solution that measures audiences at the hyper-local level, enabling our clients to advertise nationally and optimize locally,” Comscore chief commercial officer Steve Bagdasarian said.

TV Programmers And YouTube Spar Over Measurement

TV broadcasters finally agreed on a bare minimum for what currencies need to have in order to be called a currency. Days later, YouTube took its own stab at measurement standards, and traditional networks didn’t hesitate to voice their disapproval.

Don’t Leave Any Demo Behind In Alt Measurement Movement

The tectonic plates of media measurement are moving, as digital media behaviors upend decades-old approaches to measuring the world of TV audiences and advertising, giving impetus to the rise of the alt measurement movement, one of the biggest stories in our industry today.

Local TV’s OTA Still Lags On Attribution, Optimization

Executives from NBCUniversal Television, Disney Advertising, ICON International and UM Worldwide lamented the yawning chasm that remains between TV’s linear ratings and digital metrics in a TVNewsCheck webinar last week, but they said both the data and technology are progressing to close the gap.