SkillUp: Personal Financial Planning

Presented: November 15, 2023 | Recording duration: 00:55:53

Barbara Leclerc, Co-Chief Investment Officer, Senior Advisor, Bridgewater Advisors
Josefine Teneback Cays, Partner, Senior Advisor, Bridgewater Advisors

Moderator: Abby Auerbach, EVP, CCO, TVB and Executive Director, NEXT Women

NEXT Women presents a new skill building session on personal finance literacy. Barbara Leclerc and Josefine Teneback Cays of Bridgewater Advisors, a NYC-based wealth management firm, will define and discuss key financial terms and strategies to help you make informed planning decisions.

The discussion, moderated by Abby Auerbach, Executive Director, NEXT Women, includes basic investment strategy, Roth vs. traditional IRAs, savings and emergency funds, using employee benefits, and much more. Whether you’re new to investing and retirement savings strategies, or would like to increase your financial literacy, this session will provide actionable insights.

Download SkillUp Personal Financial Planning PPT