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The Broadcasters Foundation of America has sent letters to thousands of broadcasters asking for their support for the Guardian Fund. Through the fund, the foundation provides assistance to broadcasters in "acute need," as well as their families.
David Poltrack expects 2016 to end up 8%, followed by a 4% increase, or no change when not adjusting for the Rio Olympics, and says he sees "no evidence to justify" YouTube's premium ad rates.
Despite the proliferation of coverage of fake news and historically low opinion of the media, a majority of adults think most broadcast and cable news networks and major newspapers are credible, according to a Morning Consult poll.
Time spent watching mid-form and long-form content now comprises 57% of all video watched on laptops/computers in the 3rd quarter, according to a Q3 Ooyala video report - a 43% increase year-over-year.
Although U.S. media stocks have pulled back some from their recent run-up, they continue to score big results since the election. Dow Jones U.S. Broadcasting & Entertainment Index is up 4.5% from the election on Nov. 8 through Dec. 2.
TV's top executives converged to discuss plans for 2017 at the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference in New York where they discussed mergers, growth and ad revenue.
While much sports viewing is live, versus non-sports programming, there is some time-shifted viewing among sports fans -- even if very little.
Television commercials remain the key to getting consumers to drive away with new cars, according to a new study by the Video Advertising Bureau.

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The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting in NYC delivered a 6.4 household rating on NBC, with a 15.6 in Knoxville and a 12.2 in New York. Our featured market this week is San Diego, CA.
Holiday shopping continues to be the biggest shopping event of the year, with 2016 holiday sales expected to increase 3.6% from last year, according to the National Retail Federation. More >>
In Nov’16, the percentage of households with wired cable dropped to 53.3, as the percentage of broadcast only households rose to 12.6%. The percentage for homes with ADS (alternate delivery systems) remianed at 30.3%. See also Nov 2016 Local Interconnect Penetration.

According to the new 2016 Media Comparisons Study from GfK in collaboration with TVB, American consumers spend more time with television than all other ad-supported media platforms combined.
Knowing what’s running, and where, is essential. View the latest broadcast network program line-ups.

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“Some of the platform's insights help explain Donald Trump's surprise election victory over Hillary Clinton last week… Trump spent all of his money on the local markets and really spent a lot of money in the swing states.”—John Derham, Chief Technology Officer, iQ Media
Reach Vs. Precision: TV Reignites A Familiar Argument
“There’s always the chance that hypertargeted ads miss huge swaths of potential customers. Facebook, the most targeted and widely used digital medium, reaches only half of Americans.” —Ian Ferreira, EVP Programmatic, WideOrbit


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