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While political ad revenue is the current buzz among broadcasters, TVB’s 2016 Forward Conference will convene a broader conversation about a range of economic, political, technological and cultural challenges affecting local broadcast TV.
More than half of Hulu users (67 percent) choose network TV shows to stream, and 44 percent of Netflix users head for its TV library as well.
Television’s ad power impact is still massive. To wit: Monday’s scheduled debate between Ms. Clinton and Mr. Trump might well approach Super Bowl-level viewership.
Even with more outlets and devices competing for audiences' attention, viewers aren't moving away from live TV as much as they did a year ago, according to Nielsen's second-quarter 2016 Total Audience Report.
OTT may be commercial-free (or limited commercials in some cases), but Howard Horowitz, President and founder of Horowitz Research says advertisers still need linear TV.

Mark Zuckerberg’s social-networking giant admitted that for the past two years it has overestimated the amount of time users spent watching video ads by as much as 60 to 80 percent.

The television purchase is expected to include $60 million on local stations and another $40 million in national airtime.
Lower-than expected spending by the Trump campaign is causing some groups to reforecast their political revenue and depressing stock prices. More important, it highlights the need for adoption of ATSC 3.0.

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In week 2 of the NFL season, a key NFC matchup between the Vikings and Packers delivered a 12.7 hhld rating nationally, with a 46.6 in Milwaukee and a 50.4 in Minneapolis. Our featured market this week is Cleveland-Akron (Canton), Ohio.

TVB once again is the place to go for a comprehensive list of the new season’s broadcast programs. Click here for a schedule of all new and returning shows, as well as links to all the broadcast network websites featuring new season clips.

In July’16, the percentage of households with wired cable dropped to 54.4%, as the percentage of broadcast only households rose to 12.0%. The percentage for homes with ADS (alternate delivery systems) also rose to 30.3%. See also July 2016 Local Interconnect Penetration.

Stuart Elliott: The Days When "Crazy" and "Insane" Referred to Ads, Not Politics
“No one who saw or heard these ads is likely to forget them, thanks to their ubiquity, high energy and gimmicks.” —Stuart Elliott, MediaVillage.com.
“We have no revenue warning here.” —Les Moonves, CEO, CBS


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