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The top broadcast show for the week ending May 17th was The Billboard Music Awards on ABC, delivering a 4.2 A25-54 rating.  Our featured market this week is Roanoke-Lynchburg..

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Cable & ADS May 2015

National Wired Cable penetration continues to decrease, dropping down to 56.5% in May 2015.

TVB Special Section in ANA Magazine

TVB Special Section in ANA Magazine
People News
The people making moves into industry leadership.

Station Innovation:
Local News

WMAR Reporter Wins 3rd Murrow Award In 4 Years

Fall 2015 Primetime Grid

TVB has all the latest program announcements for the Fall 2015-16 season.


“By any measure, broadcasters are resonating at extremely high levels with media consumers. The resilience, relevance and reliance news consumers continue to place on broadcasters is eye-opening.” — Seth Geiger, President of SmithGeiger
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Articles and announcements about Broadcast Television Companies.

Industry News

Silicon Valley Races to Make TV the Next Frontier for Apps

After many misfires, Silicon Valley is once again betting it can transform television—this time by letting TVs run apps as diverse as those on smartphones.

Programmatic TV to Account for $10 billion of TV Budgets by 2019

Programmatic TV will represent 4% and $2.5 billion of U.S. TV budgets in 2015 and that  sliver will increase to 17% and $10 billion of TV budgets by 2019, according to Magna Global.

Younger and Living Longer: Multicultural Consumers Offer Brand Loyalty Longevity

Touted as the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population, multicultural consumers have another advantage in the marketplace: They’re young and living longer.

Networks Hope to Boost Ratings with Live TV

Live TV might be the key to drawing viewers back to prime time on the network clock. Unpredictability makes live TV captivating, and just might be key to keeping viewers and networks in sync.

Backlash Brewing Against Binge TV as 'Orange Is the New Black' Creator Speaks Out

The all-at-once model limits media attention on shows beyond the burst around the premiere and might lead audiences to eschew series that feel more like a 13-hour obligation than entertainment.

TV’s ‘Golden Age’ Won’t Last Because You’re Not Watching Enough

“Original programming has never been more important for TV networks, but it’s also more costly and failure-prone than at any time in television’s history.”

Rentrak Debuts New TV Analytics Platform

Rentrak today introduced Rubik, an analytics platform that gives clients the power to analyze viewing patterns, advertising exposure and the products viewers use and buy against Rentrak’s TV audience ratings.

Marked Increase In Connected-TV Internet Homes

Now more than half of all U.S. TV homes have at least one TV set connected to the Internet.

This Season’s Broadcast Superlatives

From the most popular—that would be “Empire”—to the least, here’s a look back at this past broadcast season.

Syndies Show Some Upward Movement

After a couple of stagnant weeks, a number of first-run shows in all categories report ratings gains in the week ending May 17, 2015.

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