Project Roadblock

TVB Features

TVB's Weekly Television Performance Metrics

Rudolph was #15 for the week (behind NFL, The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family). Our Market-of-the-Week is Birmingham.


Nielsen Q3 Total Audience Report

What You Need to Know—key points highlighting the strength of the local broadcast industry.

2014-2015 DMA Ranks

New season's reports for all 210 DMAs now available.

TV Cost & CPM Trends

2015 spot television cost and CPM trends now available.
People News
The people making moves into industry leadership.

Station Innovation:
Local News

Tampa Stations Grab Dupont Columbia Awards

Feature Commentary

As the concept of “television” evolves into advanced TV, the speed of this paradigm shift is accelerating, and the opportunity for advertisers—and viewers—is immense. — Jeff Green, Adweek

Cable & ADS Nov 2014

National Wired Cable penetration continues to decrease, dropping down to 56.9% in Nov’14. ADS remains relatively unchanged at 32.9%, and Broadcast Only homes increased to 10.7%.


“The real killer app in digital actually is TV...” — James Murdoch, 21st Century Fox
Broadcaster Briefing
Articles and announcements about Broadcast Television Companies.

Industry News

The Best Broadcast Network Shows of 2014

What network series do very differently from what cable series do – both in intent and execution -- needs to be noticed. And celebrated.

Cleaning The Dust Off TV Preconceptions

TV advertising is on a level playing field with digital advertising in understanding an advertiser’s return on ad spend and is poised to prove its value in a big shiny way.

One Show on Broadcast Is Celebrating 26 Years in a Row at No. 1 in Its Category

CBS announced that its long-running soap “The Young and the Restless” accomplished the feat of being the top-rated show in its category for a stunning 26 consecutive years.

TVB, NHTSA & Ad Council Partner to Prevent Drunk Driving Fatalities During the Holidays

2014 marks the 11th year of Project Roadblock, the local broadcast television industry's extension of NHTSA and the Ad Council's 'Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving' PSA campaign.

Social TV Year-in-Review: Tumblr Head of Media Sima Sistani

“TV is still a lean-back experience for true fans of the medium…if it’s a show I love, there is no way I’m diverting my attention.” –Sima Sistani

As More Viewers Cut Cable, What Will Happen to Sports?

In an age of unbundling, the business model of networks will be less disrupted than that of their cable counterparts—they’re less dependent on cash for carriage, and they offer a wide variety of programming that appeals to viewers.

What's Holding Programmatic Advertising Back?

For the better part of a century, TV has been the most important branding medium—the largest screen in the house that rightly commands the lion's share of ad dollars.

NBC Launches Live-Stream Broadcasts On the Web, But Only for Pay-TV Subscribers

NBC is providing access to live broadcast feeds over the Internet  to viewers already subscribing to a cable or satellite TV provider that has a deal with the Comcast-owned programming group, in limited areas of the U.S.

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