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The game is nearly over, connected TV (CTV) will change how marketers think about their total budgets, how they define their audience and how media is valued across all channels.
This year, for the first time, NBC’s program-planning group did not have a prime-time grid to show its direct broadcast competitors -- say, where a 9 p.m. show runs against other 9 p.m. shows.
Global revenues from traditional pay-TV and OTT TV episodes and movies will reach $265 billion (€298bn) in 2018; up from $254 billion in 2017 and $234 billion in 2015, according to the TV Databook report from analyst firm Digital TV Research.
The study by Nielsen Sports allocates $2.3 billion of the windfall to the NFL, followed by $1.1 billion to MLB, $585 million to the NBA and $216 million to the NHL.
Linear TV is changing, digital is becoming the dominant ad platform for many brands, digital is transforming how advertisers approach their linear TV buys and TV is still one of the best performing ad platforms.
The new, slimmer 21st Century Fox -- New Fox -- with its focus on news and sports will result in a stronger company with improved advertising gains, according to one analyst.
The TV and video industry is disrupted, and is more competitive and requires strategic decisions for what’s ahead.
Major broadcasters and programmers are well on their way to transitioning to Internet Protocol (IP)-based technology for their everyday operations, and several are already taking advantage of cloud services to receive and distribute programming.
For the big automotive category, TV continues to offer strong brand awareness and purchase consideration -especially for TV users. Add social media to the marketing mix and results are much better when it comes to purchase consideration- a 29% increase, per a new report by Nielsen on automotive marketing.

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Week 6 of the NFL saw the Patriots defeat the Chiefs by a score of 43 to 40. Kansas City delivered a 49.6 hhld rating with the game. Our featured market this week is Chicago, IL.

An industry work group dedicated to developing standards-based interfaces to accelerate automated ad transactions for local TV broadcasters and their media agency partners.

Screen Size Matters: TV Ads Lead to More Sales Than YouTube or Facebook Ads

“People pay more attention to the same advertisement on TV vs. Facebook or YouTube. There’s a direct correlation between sales and video size - the larger the screen, the bigger the sales impact.”
— Dr. Karen Nelson-File, Professor of Media Innovation, University of Adelaide

“Speaking for the broadcasters, I can assure you that competition for advertising dollars among them is as cutthroat as it has ever been in the medium’s 70-year history.”—Harry Jessell, editor, TVNewsCheck

How can local broadcasters maximize the value of their television inventory while keeping up with digital? 

Nielsen’s Q1 2018 Total Audience Report confirms Americans’ significant and consistent preference for television over all other media.

See what night and where your returning, and soon-to-be new favorites, are airing this Fall. Download the handy primetime grid, and check out all the trailers for the new shows.

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