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TV spending by direct-to-consumer brands has almost doubled since 2016, according to the VAB. D2Cs spent $2 billion on TV in 2018 — and 70 of the 120 were using TV for the first time.
The Knight Foundation says it will invest $300 million in local journalism over the next five years. Among the beneficiaries are the American Journalism Project, which provides grants to local nonprofit news organizations.
NYIAX, a firm that supports software to facilitate the sale and trade of digital ad space as guaranteed contracts through blockchain technology, this year will bring the technology from digital media into OOH, OTT and linear TV ad inventory.
NBC, MSNBC, and Telemundo will air the first Democratic primary debate in June.
Experimenting with 5G and ATSC 3.0 has its advantages. Broadcasters can learn to customize viewer experiences, leverage cutting-edge technology for personalized advertising and display companion content on a smaller device as viewers watch television.
NBCU has inked a deal with TV attribution company Data Plus Math that will expand its efforts in tying a marketer’s video advertising on NBC with business outcomes such as website visits, in-store traffic and sales.
Consumers that watch ad-supported streaming services are largely incremental to those that watch linear TV; they represent a high-value audience, and they are highly receptive to ads, according to an IAB study.
Millennials like and watch as much broadcast TV as everyone else, reports Nielsen. They are high consumers of mobile content and local TV can begin to respond to the desires of this audience by offering targeted programming and reaching them on their devices of choice.
Smart TV’s are driving the era forward; services are able to distribute their exclusive content more widely. Roughly 75% of all U.S. TV households have a smart set, smart device or both.

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The Grammy Awards nationally delivered an 11.1 household rating on CBS, with a 16.1 in New York and a 16.0 in Memphis. Our featured market this week is Denver, CO.

The Voter Funnel Study set out to determine the impact of different media used in the 2018 political races and ballot initiatives.

“At any given minute there are nearly 5.3 million millennials watching TV in the U.S. That compares with the 2.2 million watching YouTube or the 1.1 million listening to Spotify.”—Video Advertising Bureau, Left to Your Own Devices Study

How can I achieve sports blackout or regional content control of my linear OTT service?

The number of OTA homes is growing, with more pronounced growth in recent years.

Let's Change The Comfortable Digital Marketing Lie In 2019

“The belief that every sale that can be tracked to digital media is wholly and fully due to the consumer seeing media is an inflated and often false perception.” — Fred Ashkam, Director of Analytics IMM

An industry work group dedicated to developing standards-based interfaces to accelerate automated ad transactions for local TV broadcasters and their media agency partners.

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