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Young viewers who are using new technology to get their media in different ways are viewing out-of-home. The biggest benefactor? Broadcast TV.
ANA and Forrester Research new research indicates that TV advertising is at the cusp of significant change as marketers are incorporating the data-driven approaches of addressable and advanced TV into their plans.
The UBS survey shows half of buyers said their clients—who spend more than $40 billion combined—will shift dollars toward television during the next 24 months.
According to a new report from the Knight Foundation, there are a number of local TV markets experiencing rising audiences of 18 to 34 and 35-to-54 year-olds.
Telemundo have begun rolling out a new group graphics package that borrows heavily from its corporate cousin NBC O&Os’ so-called “Look N.”
By the end of this year, Netflix will grow to be the fourth-biggest U.S TV/film company in terms of overall production/program spending— with NBCU in the top spot.
If you could pick just five TV networks to watch, which ones would you choose? TVB asked viewers that question in its Media Comparisons Study, conducted by GfK. The big four broadcast networks were Americans’ top selections.
TV measurement is going through big changes, according to a new whitepaper from TiVo— After years of audience estimates being based on small samples or panels of viewer, big data has come to TV in the form of set-top-box data.
The Video Advertising Bureau is launching a multi-screen campaign that shows upstart digital-native companies turned to TV to grow their businesses.

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Justify won the 143rd Preakness, setting the stage to be a potential Triple Crown winner on June 9th at the Belmont Stakes. Nationally, the Preakness delivered a 4.8 hh rating, with a 15.2 in Louisville and a 14.9 in Baltimore. Our featured market this week is Ft. Smith-Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers, AR.
See what night and where your returning, and soon-to-be new favorites, are airing this Fall. Download the handy primetime grid, and check out all the trailers for the new shows.
An industry work group dedicated to developing standards-based interfaces to accelerate automated ad transactions for local TV broadcasters and their media agency partners.
This edition of Nielsen’s Local Watch Report examines the over-the-top (OTT) trends in our cities and how they’re affecting the media landscape.
“What we have seen consistently, is consumers –even young viewers—saying they still think live content, such as sports, as well as a major event like the season opener or finale of a show, is relevant.”— Brett Sappington, Senior Director of Research, Parks Associates

How do I create engaging and high-impact ads that also adhere to Google Chrome and IAB guidelines?

Get connected to jobs in the local broadcast TV industry.

It's Time For Ad Buyers To Boycott Facebook

“In the midst of the enormous Facebook scandal, your customers are angrier than ever, especially at Facebook ... So what’s the answer? It’s simple: Boycott Facebook! Not just personally, but as a CMO, as a media planner and buyer.” —Matt Smith, Founder-CEO SmithGifford

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