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TVB's Weekly Television Performance Metrics

Grease was the word this past Sunday night. The Fox debut into the world of live television musicals nationally delivered a 6.4 household rating, with a 10.5 delivery in both Cleveland and Kansas City. Our featured market is Davenport, IA-Rock Island-Moline, IL.

Nielsen Local Watch Report

Live TV still makes up the bulk of how we watch.

The American Conversation Study: How Local TV Drives Political Engagement

While 83% of all political conversations happen face-to-face, television plays a key role in influencing what people are saying.

Programmatic TV Guidelines and Best Practices

A living document maintained as an open and collaborative effort between broadcasters, advertising agencies, rep firms, aggregators and platform providers.

Primetime Program Schedule

TVB has all the latest Winter 2016 program announcements.
TVB's AE Dashboard

TVB's dedicated sales resource, AE Dashboard, is available exclusively for TVB members. Non-members take a tour to learn more.

People News
The people making moves into industry leadership.

Valentine's Day 2016

TVB's analysis of Valentine’s Day gift shopping and TV viewing.
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“So many people watch the Super Bowl live that it may be one of the last remaining moments of media defragmentation in the United States.” —Peter Pasi, VP Political Sales, Collective
Broadcaster Briefing
Articles and announcements about Broadcast Television Companies.

Industry News

Is the Hoopla Over Social Media Marketing the Biggest Myth Ever?

"Social media are not the powerful and persuasive marketing force many companies hoped they would be," according to research company Gallup.

Google Reverses Its Decision To Ban Ad Blocking Apps

Google appears to have reversed its earlier decision to ban ad blockers from the Google Play store – a move which had seen the company pulling apps like Adblock Fast and stalling the updates for others.

Pivotal Research’s Brian Wieser on Ad Technology and 2016 Trends

Jay Sears, SVP Marketplace Development of Rubicon Project discusses ad tech and 2016 trends with Pivotal Research’s Senior Analyst Brian Wieser.

Pharmaceutical Super Bowl Ads Fall Flat

Some viewers said the pharmaceutical ads addressing not-so-pleasant bodily functions during Sunday’s broadcast missed the mark.

comScore Reports Second-by-Second TV Viewing Results for Super Bowl 50

Commercials continue to do well in the Super Bowl as seen in prior reports. The rating for this year's average ad exposure was equivalent to average viewership for the entire game.

CBS News’ Charles Osgood to Receive Dick Clark Lifetime Achievement Award

CBS News mainstay Charles Osgood will receive the Dick Clark Lifetime Achievement Award at the Broadcasters Foundation of America’s Golden Mike Award fundraising dinner.

Post-Super Bowl ‘Late Show’ Draws 21.1 Million Viewers

Stephen Colbert’s special post-Super Bowl broadcast of “The Late Show” drew 21.1 million viewers on Sunday night, the first time a late-night host was given the time slot after the game.

Mobile Dominates Video Ad Views During Super Bowl

Some 60% of the 330 million Super Bowl views came from mobile devices -- the first time the majority of the game's views have occurred on mobile, reports Google.

Yahoo, Verizon, AT&T Want NFL Thursday Streaming Rights

Though last night’s Super Bowl was widely available online -- commercials included -- the vast majority of Americans watched the broadcast just as CBS Corp. intended: on a big-screen TV.

CBS CEO Moonves Sees More Aggressive Move to Digital

CBS CEO Leslie Moonves, who was given the additional title of executive chairman this week, is planning more original content and looking at taking some of his network's shows off the air and putting them exclusively on its subscription-based CBS All Access service.

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