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For brands that crave scale for their campaigns, there's little question that TV remains one of the most effective channels. Nielsen numbers show that 96% of U.S. homes have TVs.
The company is looking to showcase small businesses—and small-business owners—with a new campaign, “Keep it Local,” from 72andSunny in New York.
Advertisers will be able use the Nielsen-branded audience segments they’re accustomed to using when purchasing inventory on Snapchat’s ad buying platform.
YouTube is proving to be a stronger — and more lucrative — platform that also happens to be a better hand-in-glove fit for broadcasters’ content, when compared to Facebook.
TVNewsCheck today named Fox TV Stations as its Station Group of the Year for 2018, citing its desire to expand into additional markets, its prominent role in the development of first-run syndicated programming and its growing commitment to local news and sports.
Luke McGuinness was named president/COO of TVision after the company secured $11.5 million in new funding. He will oversee product, go-to-market, partnerships & business development and operational functions.
TV’s 2018 started off more slowly than some anticipated, but it hasn’t reduced optimism. Nearly three in 10 (28%) sales executives, managers and reps expect the industry to grow 6% or more this year.
Tribune has launched an “always-open” TV ad sales operation thanks to a technology partnership with programmatic TV player WideOrbit.
The National Retail Federation and Proper Insights and Analytics project that total spending for K-12 schools and college combined will reach $82.8 billion, nearly as high as last year’s $83.6 billion.

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The 2018 FIFA World Cup delivered a 6.2 hh rating on Fox, with a 13.8 in San Diego, and a 2.4 on Telemundo, with a 14.4 in Miami. Our featured market this week is Reno, NV.
See what night and where your returning, and soon-to-be new favorites, are airing this Fall. Download the handy primetime grid, and check out all the trailers for the new shows.

Local TV Needs Open Standards For Automated Buying And Selling

“With enough cooperation among industry players, instead of constant comparisons to digital, TV will evolve to include the best of both worlds: incredible reach and engagement paired with ease of access and accountability.” —Shereta Williams, President, Videa

How important is cross channel advertising to small and medium-sized businesses? 

“The local TV or newspaper consumer is significantly less likely than consumers of other news to boycott a brand and view that advertising placement as something toxic or a reason to walk away from a product. We can expect this trend of tribalism and boycotting to only get worse before it gets better—which is why my money is on local TV and newspapers to survive that trend.”—John Dick, Civic Science, Founder & CEO
An industry work group dedicated to developing standards-based interfaces to accelerate automated ad transactions for local TV broadcasters and their media agency partners.
This edition of Nielsen’s Local Watch Report examines the over-the-top (OTT) trends in our cities and how they’re affecting the media landscape.

Get connected to jobs in the local broadcast TV industry.


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