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BIA Kelsey’s Tom Buono and Mark Fratrik discuss several areas that they believe offer near-term opportunities for TV stations, including strong economic conditions, growing online/digital advertising, ATSC 3.0 and more.
NAB President: Two decades ago, the FCC blessed the transition from analog to digital tv, ushering in the broadcast-led era of HDTV. Today, they endorse Next Gen TV, marking the beginning of a reinvention of free and local broadcast tv in America.
The FCC voted to eliminate some decades-old broadcast regulations, nullifying the newspaper-broadcast and the radio-TV cross-ownership rules.
The FCC, by a 3-2 vote along party lines, authorized broadcasters to begin voluntary over-the-air transmission of next-generation television based on the ATSC 3.0 standard.
The quarterly tally from Leichtman Research Group shows that the largest pay-TV providers in the U.S.— representing about 95% of the market—lost 405K net video subscribers in Q3 2017.
Although live viewing fell 6% among people 18 years and older, broadcast-only homes were up to 15.7 million homes, compared with 13.6 million a year ago.
B&C named this year's honorees in local television for their leadership, with some TVB member stations and networks winning Station Group of the Year, Multiplatform Broadcaster of the Year, and General Manager of the Year.
Univision launched the Univision Foundation, a nonprofit promoting the well-being of multicultural communities by funding independent journalism and digital projects advancing health and civic engagement.
Nissan and Univision Communications Inc. have extended their successful partnership for a third year, expanding the live concert tour element of the partnership.
National TV news viewing remains strong year-to-date -- even more than last year, despite election-year results. Pivotal Research Groups says all network TV news viewing on broadcast and cable is up 6% compared to 2016.

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The 51st Annual CMA Awards delivered an 8.4 hhld rating nationally, with a 21.3 in Nashville, and an 18.5 in Tulsa. Our featured market this week is Springfield, MO.
Holiday shopping continues to be the biggest shopping event of the year, with 2017 holiday sales expected to increase 4% over last year.
Nielsen’s Q2 2017 Total Audience Report confirms Americans’ significant and consistent preference for television over all other media.
“We knew there was a scale to the over-the-air audience historically. It certainly wasn’t a secret, and we saw the potential for what we’ll call the opportunity to partner and create value for local stations and groups in this space, and at the same time serve consumers.”—Jonathan Katz, CEO, Katz Broadcasting

A New Look at Media Cross-ownership Rules
Maribeth Papuga, Executive-in-Residence, BIA/Kelsey “The reality is that modest media consolidation would not lead to anticompetitive risks and would not increase market power. Instead, it would allow broadcasters and newspapers to improve economies of scale and their ability to compete.”
—Steve Pociask, President and CEO, American Consumer Institute

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