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Digital ad gains have slowed significantly this summer, according to Standard Media Index. And TV, which had been seeing declines last year, is back in positive territory.
A Freedom of Information Act request by the NAB for a series of “studies, reports, articles, presentations, empirical data, surveys and/or internet sources” used by the FCC’s Media Bureau as the basis for its review of broadcast ownership rules has proved unsatisfactory.
The happiest consumers among those that plunk down for streaming services like Netflix and Hulu also subscribe to a traditional cable or satellite service, according to a new study from J.D. Power.
Donald Trump may have spent next to nothing on advertisements during the 2016 campaign, but the number of political ads airing on your local TV channel is up 9 percent compared to 2012.
Ad spending on national TV rose 3.2% to $2.4 billion in July, according to new figures from research company Standard Media Index. Broadcast advertising revenue was up 1% in July to $722 million.
Traditional TV companies are trying to figure out how to reach younger audiences in the age of Facebook, Snapchat and cord-cutting. At the same time, digital media upstarts are increasingly eyeing TV.
There is some good news for the Detroit 3 in the new American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) which shows all three domestic automakers improving and an American brand, Lincoln (MKX model pictured), now on top in customer satisfaction.
Total advertising expense for the measurement period was $260,012 up 4.9% from 2015, that’s 1.02% of total sales.

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On 8/16, the Olympics on NBC delivered an 14.3 hhld rating nationally, with a 20.5 delivery in Salt Lake City, a 19.8in Denver and a 19.5 in Austin. Our featured market this week is Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN.

TVB once again is the place to go for a comprehensive list of the new season’s broadcast programs. Click here for a schedule of all new and returning shows, as well as links to all the broadcast network websites featuring new season clips.

In July’16, the percentage of households with wired cable dropped to 54.4%, as the percentage of broadcast only households rose to 12.0%. The percentage for homes with ADS (alternate delivery systems) also rose to 30.3%. See also July 2016 Local Interconnect Penetration.

NBCU's Coverage of the Summer Olympics Was Groundbreaking in Many Ways
In three ways, NBC's coverage was groundbreaking, especially when it came to giving its viewers more choices of what to see. —Simon Applebaum Producer/host Tomorrow Will Be Televised
“While digital is cheaper and hipper, TV is simply more effective.”—James Fennessy, CEO, Standard Media Index


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