2020 Early Voting by State

A State-by-State Guide to 2020 Absentee/Mail-In Voting and Important Key Deadlines

Excel Summary | States Rules & Schedules (PDF)

This will be an unusual voting year, as we have already seen from the primaries. There will be more use of absentee/mail in voting, and early voting could take on greater prominence as voters try to elude large crowds during the pandemic. These changes will impact the time frame for advertising in order to: 1) get to early voters, and 2) reach voters who are using absentee/mail in voting and ensure that they send their ballots early enough to be received in time. (This is critically important with today’s U.S. Postal Service.)

TVB has culled information from state government websites for all 50 states and the District of Columbia, to give you the latest information on current plans for the November 3rd elections. This includes which states are all mail-in voting, as well as which states do, and which do not, require an explanation for mail-in voting. In addition, we’ve added which states have online options for absentee ballot applications, and which states in 2020 have seen changes made due to COVID-19.

In this valuable report you will find the following:

Source: vote.org; ncsl.org (as of 7/22/20)  | Download PowerPoint

Source: vote.org; ncsl.org (as of 7/22/20) | Download PowerPoint